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Final Run Series

David E. Meadows
Final Run by David E. Meadows
Echo Class by David E. Meadows
Charlie Class by David E. Meadows

Final Run Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
“Great battle scenes, believable heroes, plus villains you’ll love to hate.”—Joe Bull, author of Seas of Crisis

October 1973, the Yom Kippur War puts Israel in a fight for its survival. Thousands of miles away, the conflict is drawing the world’s superpowers into action.

Aboard the USS Manta Ray, Commander Mitchell “Mckay” Brandon receives orders to patrol the Strait of Gibraltar and make sure the way into the Mediterranean is clear for the American naval forces—no matter the odds. Meanwhile, the captain of a Russian nuclear sub has been ordered to intercept and delay any American response—an order he interprets as perssion to fire at will.

Now, even as the conflict on land threatens to engulf the region, the fight taking place under the sea pushes the world’s superpowers into all-out war.
Book 2
From the bestselling author, comes the second book in the naval military series, Class, that will have readers holding their breath as they turn to the next page.

When the destroyer USS Dale is ordered to hunt down and track the Soviet Echo class submarine K-122, two professional, but adversarial nations find themselves in a saber-rattling battle of wits and wiles that finds them one step away from the precarious, invisible line the could spark World War III.

“Meadows will keep you turning pages and thinking new thoughts.”—Newt Gingrich

“When Meadows’ men set sail, it’s sure to be a mission like no other.”—W.E.B. Griffin

“An absorbing, compelling look at America’s future. Visionary, scary. Great battle scenes, believable heroes, plus villains you’ll love to hate!”—Joe Buff, author Tidal Rip
Book 1
The Cold War is being fought on every front. Under the seas, the newest, most technologically advanced nuclear submarines are leading the fight while the old diesel engine subs are dying out. The USS Squallfish is one of the old school—as is her captain.
Captain Chad Shipley earned his stripes under the Pacific as Japanese depth charges exploded around him. Now, as he takes the Squallfish on a routine patrol, he is ordered to infiltrate the heart of the Soviet Northern Fleet to spy upon the enemy’s nuclear sub capabilities.
But the first Soviet nuclear sub is already under way, and has found its first prey—the Squallfish. Against a captain as clever and cunning as himself, Captain Shipley and the crew of the Squallfish must rise to the battle—or sink into the crushing depths.

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