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A Sidewinders Novel Series

Jory Sherman
Sidewinder by Jory Sherman
Snake Eyes by Jory Sherman
Nest of Vipers by Jory Sherman

A Sidewinders Novel Series : Titles in Order

Book 4

After weeks of casing a ranch for its prized remuda, a gang of horse thieves pillage everything—leaving the owner’s wife dead. Before the distraught man can drown himself in booze, Harry Pendergast of the Denver Detective Agency offers him a chance for vengeance. Because this time, the victim is Brad Storm…aka the Sidewinder.

It seems that Brad’s ranch isn’t the only one that’s been brutally hit. There’s a huge reward to track down the powerful thieves. But the hunt won’t be easy, taking the Sidewinder into dangerous territories and bloody battles. So when a showdown in Wild Horse Valley becomes imminent, Brad hatches a plan—one he hopes will have the villains recoiling in fear before the Sidewinder strikes back.  
Book 3
The body of a sheep rancher is found headless, with a warning from a cattle baron known as "Snake": if the ranchers and their families don’t leave the mountains, they will all die. The dead man’s cousin demands justice, so he pays a visit to the Denver Detective Agency and acquires the services of Brad Storm, also known as "Sidewinder". So, armed with a new double-ought buck nicknamed "Snake Eyes", Brad heads to the mountains to hunt for a man just as deadly as he is…
Book 2
Cattle rancher Brad Storm once survived a rattlesnake bite and exacted vengeance on his enemies. Because of that, he’s known as Sidewinder. In the employ of a detective agency, Brad represents law and order, but to outlaws, he’s as lethal-and unforgiving-as his namesake.
Book 1
Cattle rancher Brad Storm was tracking one of his herd when fate set him within the lethal striking distance of a rattlesnake. Bitten and poisoned, he sent the serpent to meet its maker but then lost consciousness. Saved by a Hopi medicine man who believes Brad has inherited the spirit of the snake, he is given a new name—Sidewinder—and a totem to wear around his neck, the rattle of his attacker.
Brad doesn’t believe in spirits and just wants to put the incident—and Native American superstitions—behind him. But when rustlers torch his ranch, steal his cattle, and kidnap his wife, Brad embraces his new identity as he embarks on a trail of revenge.

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