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Slocum Giant Series

Jake Logan
Slocum Giant 2003 by Jake Logan
Slocum Giant 2009 by Jake Logan
Slocum Giant 2010 by Jake Logan

Slocum Giant Series : Titles in Order

Book 10
When it comes to lawyers, Slocum’s got more than a few objections…

John Slocum thought he’d faced every kind of lowlife the west had to offer. But he’s just met the most dangerous outlaws in Tombstone, Arizona, and they don’t carry guns. They’re lawyers. These vultures have descended upon the silver boomtown, flocking together in the business district known as Rotten Row and subverting the letter of the law to swindle prospectors out of their rightful claims.
Only Sam Norton, the lone honest lawyer in town, has been willing to stand against them and represent the miners. But Sam is dying, tended to by his daughter Claire, a firebrand more than willing to continue the fight—and more than willing to share her legal briefs with Slocum as he decides to settle with the corrupt shysters outside of court…
Book 9
In this race, you don’t want to finish dead last…

Freight magnate Col. J. Patterson Turner is as rich as they come. Rich enough to hold a race across the west for fifty daring contestants. Each entrant has a key that may open a strongbox with $50,000 inside. All they have to do is ride hard, follow the clues, and find the treasure—if they survive.
When John Slocum wins a key in a poker game, he figures the whole race is a bunch of bull. But that’s before some of the other contestants start playing rough, and a buxom beauty begs him to help her find her missing brother. Now, riding hard in a field of killer competition, Slocum is in it to win it…
Book 8
There are no innocents. There are no survivors.

In the Civil War, Major Clayton McGee led his men in battle. Now, he is leading them on a quest to find his wife and daughter—and he will never cease his search. No matter how many people are slaughtered. No matter how many towns must be wiped off the map. He will find his quarry if the chase takes him straight to hell.
John Slocum has seen his share of massacres—so when he comes across one dead town after another, he knows that those behind the carnage are not going to stop. Through the Oklahoma badlands, he follows their trail of destruction. And when he meets a pair of desperate women, he realizes that McGee isn’t driven by duty or greed—but madness…
Book 7
Make no bones about it—Slocum’s out for revenge…

He’s crossed the treacherous Sierra Madres. He’s suffered the deaths of his friend and lover. He’s been thrown into a rat-filled pit by drunken sailors. John Slocum’s trip to San Francisco’s Chinatown hasn’t been easy. But things start to look up when a lovely Asian flower saves his life—and Slocum finds himself not only in her bed, but in her debt…   Her kindness, however, comes with strings attached. Ah Ming needs Slocum’s help to find her father, who’s been kidnapped by the Sum Yop gang. To pay his due, Slocum will find himself in an exotic world of opium dens and illegal jade trafficking. And he’ll learn that, if you head as far west as Frisco, it’s only a matter of time before you start heading east…
Book 6
A six-shooter doesn’t do much good when you’re six feet under…
Slocum likes to bury himself in his work…but now he’s in way over his head. Trapped underground, fighting for his life, all he can do is think about how he got into this mess…
It all started because of the most notorious road agent west of the Mississippi, Les Jeter. Slocum had to make sure that this outlaw paid for the lives he’d taken…along with Slocum’s most prized possession—his brother’s watch. And he wasn’t alone on the hunt. Ambrose Killian was obsessed with Jeter and wanted to bring this legend to justice for his own sordid reasons. Hot on his trail, Killian’s enlisted his luscious secretary, a rival criminal, and a gang of greedy lawmen.
Slocum knew it would be a challenging job. Almost as challenging as staying alive as the minutes tick by—and the air runs out…
Book 3
Slocum’s about to learn that sometimes, the best man for the job is a boy.

If there’s anything worse than a dirty snake, it’s a cheap dirty snake. And Jack Mitcham is as cheap as they come. So when young Joshua Quaid and his brothers stood up to him in a bar one fateful day, Mitcham took Quaid’s two eldest brothers out with just one bullet. Saving on ammo, as Mitcham would say.
The young Quaid isn’t the only one out to find Mitcham, though. The con man is also on Slocum’s hit list—exceptin’ he’s listed under one of a dozen aliases. And both Slocum and the boy are looking forward to a hefty reward, should they find him dead or alive. So, after a right impolite howdy-do—including bullets and some blood—the pair realize that two heads are better than one. But first, there are a few things Slocum needs to teach his greenhorn sidekick, like how to hold his liquor, woo a woman into bed—and find footprints in the snow…

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