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Chronicles of the Misplaced Prince Series

Sean Cullen
In Sean Cullen’s brilliant Changeling series, Brendan has to prove his worthiness to the Faerie World in a series of difficult tests, each one more fantastical than the last.
The Prince of Neither Here Nor There by Sean Cullen
The Prince of Two Tribes by Sean Cullen

Chronicles of the Misplaced Prince Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Now that he’s been initiated into the Faerie world, Brendan Clair figures his troubles are over. But he soon discovers that he must now prove his Faerie worthiness in a series of deadly challenges at a festival called the Gathering of the Clans… and the problem is, he can’t seem to master the simplest of his newfound talents. The fact that he’s being stalked by a mysterious shape-shifter and an evil Faerie lord doesn’t help, either. Can Brendan deal with his stalkers, master his abilities, and survive the Proving, all while keeping his human friends and family from learning of his Faerie roots? Or will the stresses of living a double life prove to be too much for him?
Book 1
With a pimply face and braces on his teeth, the perpetually clumsy Brendan is having a hard time at school. When he starts hearing voices and conversing with chipmunks, he thinks he can add losing his mind to his growing list of problems. Then he discovers that he’s a Faerie who was lost in the human world. Now that he knows his true identity, the human disguise that has been protecting him begins to fade and a whole host of wicked creatures tries to tempt him to use his Faerie power for evil intentions. It’s up to Brendan to protect the human world, and to make the ultimate choice between the family he has grown up with and his new Faerie roots.
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