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Longarm Giant Series

Tabor Evans
Longarm Giant 17: Longarm and the Calgary Kid by Tabor Evans
Longarm Giant 29 by Tabor Evans
Longarm Giant #30 by Tabor Evans

Longarm Giant Series : Titles in Order

Book 30
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

After some Arizona Rangers and U.S. marshals are bushwhacked while looking for a stolen cache of gold, it’s Longarm’s turn to ride down to the border town of Holy Defiance to find the killers and the loot.
At his side is the heavenly Haven Delacroix, a pretty Pinkerton agent who is Longarm’s match in more ways than one. The Pinkertons always get their man—and Haven is no exception. As they tangle with banditos, Apaches, and a wealthy ranch owner and his wild wife, Longarm and Haven are in for a hell of a ride…
Book 29
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

Just when the West seems peaceful enough for Longarm to take a much needed respite, duty calls. Railroad baron, Clayton Abernathy, is laying down a railroad line in Wyoming, but someone in the town of Rimfire is making trouble for him. Wary of the greedy Clayton, Longarm must help—and Clayton’s daughter makes it worth his while.
Longarm befriends the brother and sister owners of Rimfire’s stagecoach line—the suspected saboteurs. But they’re being attacked too. Who are these masked bandits bent on ruining business and hindering progress? If Longarm can pull himself away from the succulent ladies on both ends of the dispute for long enough—he’s going to issue these outlaws a one-way ticket to hell…
Book 28
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

A violent storm’s brewing in Indianola, but Custis Long isn’t paying much mind. Instead, he’s hoping to finally nab a hardcase he’s been chasing. And Longarm has other, more pleasurable plans with an old friend—the lusty, busty heiress Jessica Starbuck…
Meanwhile, the squall turns into a deadly flood—and an armed French dandy manages to kidnap Jessica for ransom. Now Longarm will have to keep his head above water if he wants to save his life—and an heiress’s hide…
Book 27
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

Up in the Owl Creek Mountains, Wyoming Territory, lies a wretched place the Indians call Valley of Skulls. Settlers there have had a whole heap of bad luck—including a posse of hooded killers—which is why U.S. Marshal Custis Long’s stepping in…
On the way, Longarm’s kept company with the local agent’s curvy sister, whose prudish dress belies a burning desire. But once they reach the valley, it’s all business—a bloody business.  Because now Longarm’s to-do list includes taking a slimy rancher down a peg and finding this elusive, faceless posse—before they find him…
Book 26
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!
Felix Gaunt, with an impressively long criminal record, should have known better than to play dirty with the law. After Gaunt makes the mistake of shooting a federal employee, he has Marshal Custis Long breathing down his neck from Wichita to Fort Worth.
But then a contest seeking the fastest draw and best shot in the West lures both men to enter. Longarm will have to dispatch a few other contestants along the way, but he’s got his eyes set on the grand prize—Felix Gaunt in a pine box.
Book 25
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

When Deputy U.S. Marshal Custis Long turns the tables on a band of stagecoach bandits, he does more than just save the day. After blasting one of the badmen, he discovers a map of Nevada Territory showing a remote area circled—Zamora.
Haunted by the feeling that the bandits are headed to the ghost town of Zamora, Custis feels duty-bound to hunt them down. But Zamora is no hole-in-the-wall hideout—it’s a heavenly haven for the lawless ruled by one of the most powerful, brilliant, and beautiful women in the West…A woman whose personal army will fight to the death for her… A woman whom Longarm will have to face, up close and personal…
Book 24
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

U.S. Marshal Custis Long and Royal Canadian Mountie Sergeant Foster are crossing jurisdictions trying to find the hidden town of Natova—a secret spot where outlaws with lots of money can indulge their wicked ways while spending their money, and stay out of the law’s way when things heat up. Longarm and Forster will have to pull a notorious robbery to establish themselves as wanted men, while spending their money in the mining camps to attract attention and an “invite” to Natova. Then they can let the cavalry clean up the town—if they don’t get themselves killed along the way.
But first, they’ll have to raise a potful of outlaw cash while staying ahead of the meanest vigilante committee anybody ever ran from…
Book 23
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

Down in the driest parts of the southwest, gals are scarcer than water—and some men, crazy from lust and the scorching sun, have sent away for mail-order brides. But when the womenfolk never show, these hombres want answers. Some claim the Mormons are kidnapping the ladies for their polygamous beds. Others say it’s the Turks. So they hire on gunslinger Custis Long to do what he does second-best: skirt-chasing.
After making his way up the Old Spanish Trail and snooping around some, he learns that this time, it’s the women who’re in the know—Mexican barmaids, Mormon girls, squaw sisters, a Spanish widow—all willing to give Longarm his answers. That is, in return for the French lessons that have made him famous clear across the Old West…
Book 22
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

U.S. Marshal Custis Long realizes better than anyone how the newspapers play with the truth. He knows for a fact that Clay Allison’s surly hide was laid under the sod for good. But he can’t prove it. Never exactly an outlaw, Allison was inclined to kill people when he drank—and he drank a lot.
But now, tales of Clay Allison keep coming along the news wire out of Texas. Someone who looks, talks, dresses—and kills—like the late shootist is on a murder spree. Longarm can’t believe that a homicidal drunk has come blazing back to life from out of the grave. But he has to look into it—especially since a Texas Ranger has been gunned down. If it turns out that he was wrong about Allison’s demise, Longarm will admit it—and then correct his mistake.
Book 21
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

Deputy U.S. Marshal Custis Long is going deep undercover to track down a mysterious murderin’ madwoman known only as The Twisted Sister. Her territory is the Staked Plains of Texas, where a range war is brewing between old and new Dutch settlers. And though the dead are piling up on both sides, no one’s talking…
Giving himself the Dutch handle Wolfgang Kruger, Longarm sweet-talks his way into the employ of the luscious Zimmer twins. With an outfit of cowgirls, they’re herding some high-grade Cherokee breeding stock back to their spread on the Staked Plains. But it’s Longarm who will be spreading himself thin between satisfying his blue-eyed bosswomen—and pleasuring information out of one spanky young cowgirl after another…
Book 20
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

In Ambush, Colorado, four men accused of murdering denizens of a local cat house are scheduled to be hanged. But the hangman’s daughter tells Longarm that one of the condemned didn’t do it. Seems he was too busy robbing stagecoaches with another group of hardcases.
To gain a stay of execution, the death row inmate must confess to the robberies and name his accomplices, but he’s not talking. Time is running out for both him and Longarm ‘cause a professional gunslinger is in town hoping to add the Deputy U.S. Marshal to his list of kills…
Book 17
Longarm GIANT novels…the biggest and best in Western adventure!

When three train robbers turn up dead in a saloon, the finger points to none other than the Calgary Kid–a sinister, hard-drinking cuss who can draw a gun quick as lightning and shoot true as death. Longarm is on the case—but before he can get to the truth, he’s kidnapped by the outlaw’s lady friends. They make sure his hands are tied while someone else busts the kid out of the stir, someone wearing a badge, someone calling himself U.S. Deputy Marshall Custis Long.

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