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Paul Chavasse Series

Jack Higgins
Year of the Tiger by Jack Higgins
The Bormann Testament by Jack Higgins
A Fine Night For Dying by Jack Higgins

Paul Chavasse Series : Titles in Order

Book 7
May, 1963…As President John F. Kennedy prepares to make his historic visit to West Berlin, a covert group of ruthless killers prepares to strike. And only one man can stop them: Father Sean Conlin, hero of the West German resistance.
Book 6
A high seas adventure following super-spy Paul Chavasse, this action-packed novel of gangland violence was originally published under the pseudonym Martin J Fallon.

When the body of gangland boss Harvey Preston is discovered in the nets of a local fishing boat in the English Channel, undercover agent Paul Chavasse is tapped by British Intelligence to determine whether there’s a connection between the victim and a cross-channel smuggling ring.

As Chavasse makes toward the center of the local criminal activity, he realizes this is no small-time operation. And if he doesn’t act quick, that discover may be his last.
Book 3
The third thrilling novel featuring British expatriate Paul Chavasse from New York Times bestselling author Jack Higgins.

Paul Chavasse is about as tough as they come. For years, he has made a dangerous living running men and intelligence across the Adriatic Sea from Italy to the communist country of Albania. But his ideals are about to be tested—more than he ever thought possible.

The Albanian government, seeking to crush a religious resurgence within its borders, wants to find and destroy the Madonna of Scutari—a legendary statue of ebony and gold that has protected the faithful for a thousand years. Before government forces capture them, priests hide the carving deep in the marshes along the coast.

Now, Paul Chavasse must outrun an entire army in a race to save the priceless relic—and the lives of thousands of believers…
Book 2
The New York Times bestselling author returns with another action-packed adventure. In 1962, abrilliant scientist becomes the key to the superpower space race–and the object of a worldwidemanhunt. A maelstrom of Cold War intrigue and espionage, The Year of the Tiger is Higgins at his best.
Book 1
Special Agent Paul Chavasse is about to start a much-deserved holiday when he is abruptly pulled back to active duty. He knows that if he’s being called into action, a job has gone bad—and it’s about to get a lot worse.As Hitler’s private secretary—and an influential member of the Third Reich—Martin Bormann was one of those rare Nazis who managed to simply disappear at the end of World War II. But the terrible secrets Bormann carried into oblivion are about to be revealed to the world. A manuscript that exposes former Nazis now in hiding is up for grabs, and there are those in power who have much to lose with its discovery.Now, Chavasse must retrieve the Bormann Testament before it is buried forever—and him along with it…
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