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Slocum Series

Jake Logan
The longest-running Western series in America today, the Slocum adventures by Jake Logan have entertained readers since 1975.
Slocum 226: Slocum and the Real McCoy by Jake Logan
Slocum 429 by Jake Logan
Slocum 430 by Jake Logan

Slocum Series : Titles in Order

Book 430
Down on his luck in San Francisco, John Slocum takes a contract with the Central California Railroad. He’s given the difficult task of locating a stolen shipment of silver worth over one hundred thousand dollars, but he catches a break when he discovers that the company’s attractive secretary, Tamara, was an accomplice in the robbery. Too bad his employer would rather believe in the thief’s feminine wiles than in Slocum’s cold hard facts.
Fuming mad and out of work, Slocum starts looking to let off some steam. But when Tamara offers Slocum a new job—finding where the rest of the robbers stowed the loot—he has a hard time saying no to the seductive crook, or to a change of fortune. Still, Slocum knows he has to keep his cards close to the chest, or else he might end up six feet under…
Book 429
A lady in need is trouble indeed…

While hunting elk in the Colorado Rockies, John Slocum hears a terrible explosion followed by a frightening rumble. As he rides along the canyon, he comes upon the settlement of Wolf Creek, where an avalanche has buried all the town’s men. Their widows, meanwhile, look to Slocum for comfort.
But the gunslinger has his sights set on one woman in particular. While Lilith isn’t a widow, she did lose someone in the accident—a brother with connections to the claim-jumping Batson gang. Now, Slocum has to keep one eye on his gun and one on the woman sharing his bed…
Book 428
There’s something evil in the woods…

Caught in a snowstorm in the Cascade Range, Slocum tries to bed down in the heavy Oregon woods. But when he finds himself in the crosshairs of a pair of inhuman glowing eyes—accompanied by a terrifying screech and an unbearable stench—he realizes that he is most certainly not alone. He’s just run into a legendary local nightmare, one that is about to unleash a bloody storm…
Book 427
When it comes to revenge, Slocum is the real deal.

After a shoot-out in Harrison’s Crossing takes their guide out of commission, Slocum finds himself the unlikely escort to a pair of helpless Easterners. Lily-livered writer Rory Randolph and his beautiful secretary, Melissa, are penning the misadventures of not-yet-notorious outlaw Will Stringfellow—and the slandered crook wants to see his biographers scalped.
Now it’s up to Slocum to save his companions from a fate worse than fiction and prevent an all-out war of the words…
Book 426
Slocum can’t resist the charms of his beautiful captive.

Slocum is on the trail to Billings, Montana, with a load of farm equipment when his wagon train is attacked by a Cheyenne war party. Under siege, he kidnaps the chief’s daughter, Snow, and holds her hostage as a ticket to safety. It doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes and even easier on the soul.
But as the Cheyenne princess begins to steal his heart, he finds himself in some real trouble. Because when outlaws along the trail try to take away his prize, Slocum will have to show them that no one takes what belongs to him—not if they want to get away with their lives…
Book 425
Slocum’s on a mission for the military—and up against a devil of a dame!

When Slocum stops in the town of Pico Alto, Nevada, a late night at the saloon leads to a brutal encounter with a trio of thieves and ends when a redheaded angel brings him home to tend to his wounds. All in all, things could have been worse—like if those thieves got ahold of the secret documents Slocum is transporting for the military.
But when Slocum arrives at his destination, he learns that a single page is missing from the parcel. And the officer in charge is none too pleased. Now Slocum is riding back to Pico Alto to retrieve the highly sensitive item, come hell or high water. And he’s about to discover that his redheaded angel is anything but innocent.
Book 424
Slocum’s about to go to hell and back…

Passing uneasily through the dried-up town of Espero, Texas, John Slocum learns soon enough that his apprehension is justified. After a not-so-friendly welcome at the Six Feet Under Saloon, he’s given the choice between a bullet or a bit of employment: Escort the town mortician’s strikingly pretty bride-to-be from a train station at Dexter Junction—in exchange for a hefty sum.
But with someone after the gunslinger and the mysterious beauty, Slocum reckons that the undertaker neglected to tell him the whole story. There’s treachery in store for Slocum upon returning to Espero, a place where men have been known to land in an early grave… much too early…
Book 423
Slocum’s hoping for the luck of the draw…

A wanted man with no horse, a gun with only two bullets, and no hat to cover his head, John Slocum hopes with every passing day that he’ll be forgotten by the law. After escaping a close call with a lion and a rattlesnake, Slocum falls in with a different kind of varmint—a den of outcast Southern rebels.
As he’s nursed back to health by the prettiest of them, Slocum learns that the rebels are planning a bloody Dixie uprising—and they’re going to practice by wiping out an oblivious Apache tribe. Now, Slocum has to warn the unwelcoming Apache before innocent lives are lost. But first he has to convince both sides that he’s their friend…
Book 422
Slocum must save innocent lives on an express train to hell…

These days, if it wasn’t for bad luck, John Slocum would have no luck at all. He’s got no horse and is only one step ahead of vicious bounty hunters—meaning that his only way out of San Diego is to stow away on the trouble-plagued Yuma Bullet express. And when he’s unexpectedly hired to guard a railroad magnate’s beautiful daughter, he finds himself facing down her outlaw fiancé—and marauding Apache war parties.
Surviving this disastrous train trip means Slocum must shoot fast and think faster.  But keeping innocents safe and playing his enemies against each other means riding all the way to the bloody end of the line… 
Book 421
On the hunt for riches, Slocum only finds trouble…

Upon the discovery of three mutilated corpses, John Slocum’s potentially lucrative buffalo hunt through Kansas is put on hold. When Colonel Charles Bradford and his men arrive to claim the body of his niece, Slocum can’t help but notice the rather odd flag they’re flying. It seems Bradford hopes to secede and begin a new nation in the wilds—a plan that Slocum believes to be foolish, and deadly.
But when Slocum later shoots a federal agent in self-defense, he’s accused of killing the man in cold blood—and of conspiring with Bradford. Now, with more agents and Pinkertons hot on his trail, Slocum knows that clearing his name will mean taking matters into his own bloody hands.
Book 420
Slocum’s on the hunt for something wild…

Lately, John Slocum has been trying to avoid trouble and save a little money—but a gunslinger like Slocum can’t stay out of the action for long. When two men are brutally mauled by an unseen something (or someone) on Fall Pass, Slocum is recruited to go on the hunt—as much for his sharpshooting skills as for his nerve. Because no one knows for sure whether the thing they’re tracking is a man…or a beast.
Book 419
Two dangerous dames are about to go down…

Slocum is on his way to Durango to see a man about a horse—four horses, in fact—when he watches a mining blast send a man to his death. In the distance he spies the distinctive shape of a woman in man’s clothing making her getaway—and hears a second woman aiding her retreat.
Slocum is no fool when it comes to the dangers of the fairer sex, but now he’s on the hunt for a pair of ladies who know their way around dynamite. And when he finally finds them, sparks—and bullets—are going to fly.
Book 418
Three is the deadliest number.

When Slocum sides with an outnumbered traveler against three bushwhackers, the unfortunate man before dying wills his saloon to the helpful gunman. Slocum takes to the job like a natural, but nothing in life comes free. And Slocum soon finds himself facing off against a local rancher who has a mind to take over everything in town—and then bury his enemies under it…
Book 417
If Slocum is on your trail, draw your last breath…

It’s the closest shave Slocum’s ever had—and that’s saying plenty. But rescuing a dark-haired beauty seconds ahead of Apache war parties is just the start of one long nightmare ride that leads to Raul Gomez, an outlaw who’s using the raids to burn a path of terror and destruction throughout Texas.
Slocum vows to personally track Gomez and his army deep into hostile territory. Slocum may be outnumbered and sorely outgunned, but that won’t stop him from bringing war to this mad dog with his own special brand of hell…
Book 416
Take from Slocum, and you take your chances.

Slocum is working as a cowpuncher on the edge of the North Dakota Badlands when his hotheaded boss accuses him of stealing fifty head of cattle. Next thing he knows he’s been buffaloed and his horse has been stolen by his employer. But Slocum isn’t the kind to lie down for anyone. And he’s going to get what he’s owed no matter how many bodies he leaves behind…

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