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Ukiah Oregon Series

Wen Spencer
Alien Taste by Wen Spencer
Bitter Waters by Wen Spencer
Dog Warrior by Wen Spencer

Ukiah Oregon Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
Atticus Steele is en route to Cape Cod when he rescues a stranger from death at the hands of a religious cult—and is surprised to learn that the man he’s saved is Ukah Oregon, his long-lost brother. Ukiah’s membership in the Dog Warriors— a paramilitary biker gang—gives him the ability to repay the favor by assisting Atticus in an undercover assignment to purchase an elusive new designer drug.
What Atticus discovers—and can’t believe—is that the mysterious drug is an alien intoxicant specially attuned to the brothers’ shared alien biology. When the religious zealots threaten Ukiah’s life again, Atticus must learn to trust the Dog Warriors and accept his own origins if he’s to have any chance of saving his brother’s life…and his own.
Book 3
Ukiah’s abilities are put to the test when police request his assistance in tracking a missing boy who has a habit of getting lost and being found in unusual places. The authorities fear that the kid’s latest disappearance may be linked to a series of kidnappings.
Then suddenly, Ukiah finds himself under scrutiny by Homeland Defense. Agents found a member of the cult known as the Temple of New Reason with photographs of Ukiah. The government suspects that a connection exists between the sect and Ukiah, one even he can’t identify.
But before Ukiah can investigate the cult’s interest in him, his own son is abducted. Now, with government agents watching his every move, he must track down the kidnappers—and pray that they’re not the alien Ontongard looking for revenge.
Book 2
Meet Ukiah Oregon, a unique young man with accelerated senses who was raised by wolves, domesticated by two women, and trained as a tracker by a private investigator. And that’s the normal part of his life…
Ukiah is hired to locate a missing hiker in Umatilla National Park. But her trail grows cold when Ukiah discovers that she has been kidnapped—after someone tries to kill him. Then he stumbles upon another mystery related to an unsolved disappearance in 1933. A legendary wolf boy who vanished may in fact be Ukiah—and the hiker’s abduction may hold the key to his own past…
Book 1
Ukiah Oregon is quickly becoming one of the greatest trackers in the country. Some call it luck—those closest to him call it instinct. Abandoned as a child, he was found running with a wolf pack. Now, in his job as a private investigator, he puts his nose to the ground to track down missing persons and fugitives from the law.
A heightened sense of smell and taste—plus a photographic memory—make him an invaluable asset to his partner. But when Ukiah kills a crazed young woman in self-defense, he draws the attention of the FBI’s most wanted: a violent and elusive gang known as the Pack.
And it won’t be long before Ukiah discovers just how much he has in common with the Pack: a bond of brotherhood, blood…and destiny.

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