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Upyr Series

Emma Holly
Catching Midnight by Emma Holly
Hunting Midnight by Emma Holly
Courting Midnight by Emma Holly

Upyr Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The world’s oldest living vampire assumes a mortal identity–and experiences a blazing passion for a woman that brings his tired heart back to life.
Book 2
For hundreds of years, a pack of shape-shifting immortals has been content to stay hidden deep within the Scottish wood, far from the dangers of the human world. But when the pack leader, Ulric, is betrayed by his longtime lover, he recklessly ventures beyond the borders of the forest, and starts roaming the streets of Bridesmere. It is there that he encounters Juliana Buxton, a dutiful daughter of a successful merchant. Ulric finds Juliana’s wholesomeness deliciously irresistible, and consents to help her escape the clutches of her much older betrothed—if only to seduce her.  
For Juliana, Ulric’s gentle fury inflames her desire and finally introduces her to the wickedly sensuous delights of searing passion. And as she begins to uncover the truth about his secret identity, something altogether new grows within in her—a forbidden longing to become immortal herself and remain by Ulric’s side. But will Ulric grant the innocent maiden her bold wish, or will he cast her from his life and send her back to the treacherous world beyond the caves?
“Fans of bolder romances will relish [Emma Holly’s] potent combination of heady sexuality and intriguing characterization.”—Publishers Weekly
“Emma Holly is one of the best writers of erotic fiction around.”—Susan Johnson
Book 1
In the Scottish wood, a clan of immortal shape-shifting wolves takes in an orphan girl, Gillian, as one of their own. But when she matures into a beautiful woman and falls for a mere mortal, her forest family and new lover are plunged into a fiery, passionate struggle to claim Gillian’s heart, body, and soul…

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