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Wildgun Series

Jack Hanson
Wildgun by Jack Hanson
Wildgun: Winter Hunt by Jack Hanson
Wildgun #8: Oregon Trail by Jack Hanson

Wildgun Series : Titles in Order

Book 8
The thrilling mountain man series from the creators of Longarm!
With a caravanful of ornery pioneers in his command, hired mountain man and guide Will Barlow is loaded down with duties. Foraging for the group’s food, for one. Breaking up fights among his charges, for another. And—although one couldn’t rightly count this as a duty, exactly—stealing time enough for some good, old-fashioned rollicks in the grass with one lusty pioneer-gal. Aside from a few mishaps along the Oregon Trail, Barlow is confident (perhaps too confident) that the troupe’ll arrive safe and sound at the West Coast.
Book 7
Ever since he left his daughter in San Diego with the only family she remembers, Will Barlow has been tormented over the loss of his little girl. So when his longtime friend White Bear suggests they head to Taos to find themselves a couple of bare-shouldered señoritas, Will agrees that it’s as good a place as any in which to drown his sorrows.
Back in town just a few days, the pair find themselves accused of gunning down a U.S. soldier and thrown in jail. Facing certain execution, they do the only thing they can to stay alive: break out of the rotting cell and split up. To dodge the soldiers on his trail, Barlow joins up with a wagon train delivering goods to the Settlements, only to encounter one savage enemy after another—each one more life-threatening than the last…
Book 6
After fighting a Mexican rebellion in Taos, Will Barlow and White Bear head for San Diego to search for Will’s beloved daughter. After five hard years, they are finally close to the end. There is word that a child named Anna is living with a Mexican family nearby. Will Barlow wants nothing more than to have his daughter back. But five years is a long time. And even if this is his little girl, there is a chance she won’t remember him, a chance that she doesn’t know she is lost—or doesn’t even want to be found…
Book 5
While south of the border, rumblings of war distract Barlow from his search for his daughter—and land him in jail as a spy.
Book 4
Barlow becomes a protector to an imperiled Indian band in the fourth Wild Gun novel.
Book 3
Barlow continues the search for his daughter in the wild Shoshoni Territory. Joining him on this quest is an unlikely ally: the Indian trader White Bear. But dead ahead are the Blackfeet—and a bloodbath.
Book 2
After a band of Native Americans destroyed Will Barlow’s home, killed his wife and son, and kidnapped his young daughter, he spent months wallowing in grief. But now he’s ready for revenge.

While frantically searching for his missing child, Will comes across a wagonful of damsels in distress. He agrees to protect them from the ferocious Indians who ravaged their wagon train—and he’s delighted to discover that these ladies are as lustful as they are lovely. But despite these lascivious diversions, Will is still focused on finding his little girl—no matter how dangerous his mission might be.
Book 1
Mountain man Will Barlow came to the West seeking adventure, working as an Indian hunter, fur trapper, and a hired hand. What he found was something even better: a woman who could tame his wild spirit. But when Will finally settles down to start a family, a pack of murderous Indians kill his wife and steal his baby daughter, Anna. Now he’ll do anything to find her, and God help anyone who gets in his way.

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