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Special Agent Ana Grey Series

April Smith
Good Morning, Killer by April Smith
North of Montana by April Smith
White Shotgun by April Smith

Special Agent Ana Grey Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
TO:         SAC Robert Galloway, Los Angeles Field Office
FROM:   Special Agent Dennis Rizzio, FBI LEGAT, Rome
SUBJECT:  Special Agent ANA GREY
LOCATION:  Siena, Italy
TARGET:  NICOLI NICOSA, head of successful coffee import business.  Suspected mafia involvement.
CONTACT:  CECILIA MARIA NICOSA, wife of Nicoli Nicosa.  Popular socialite. Claims to be Special Agent Grey’s sister.
THE MISSION: Special Agent Grey to make close contact with Cecilia Maria Nicosa.  Penetrate family.  Investigate disappearance of mafia operative, LUCIA VINCENZA, Nicosa’s mistress.  Gather intelligence on Nicosa’s possible ties to cocaine trafficking.
SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Special Agent Grey will arrive during Il Palio, a famous horse race and time of high tension in the city.  Violent outbreaks among rival contradas (neighborhoods) are common.
UPDATE: Cecilia Maria Nicosa has been kidnapped  and their sixteen year-old son, Giovanni, severely beaten.  Nicoli Nicosa suspicious of FBI involvement.  Special Agent Grey to exercise extreme caution.
Book 3
FBI Special Agent Ana Grey debuts in this electrifying thriller marked by psychological acuity and unfaltering suspense. After Ana Grey pulls off “the most amazing arrest of the year,” the squad supervisor—who doesn’t like irreverent, tough-minded young women—gives her a reprimand instead of the promotion she deserves. As a test, she is assigned a high-profile case involving a beloved Hollywood movie star and an illegal supply of prescription drugs. It doesn’t take Ana and her partner, Mike Donnato, long to realize "this is not a case” but “a political situation waiting to explode”—and they’re holding the bomb. As the boundary between her private and professional lives begins to blur, Ana’s own world collides with her investigation, and she is forced to confront the searing truth about the nature of power and identity, and the mystery of her past.
Book 2
FBI Agent Ana Grey returns to infiltrate the volatile core of an eco-terrorist cell in the Pacific Northwest.

Only months after a traumatic shooting incident, Ana is still emotionally unstable when she returns to work and learns that a fellow agent—and former lover—was killed by a group of terrorists operating under the name of FAN (Free Animals Now). To find the murderer and prevent any further killing, Ana goes undercover as an animal activist. In the course of her investigation, Ana encounters Julius Emerson Phelps, the charismatic leader of a "family" of anarchists in rural Oregon, whose secret past could blow the Bureau to pieces. To matters worse, Ana learns that Phelps is preparing a cataclysmic act of terrorism. With time ticking away and her undercover identity in jeopardy, Ana must find a way to solve her case and foil Phelp’s bloody plot.
Book 1
FBI Special Agent Ana Grey returns in this psychologically acute, completely and unstoppably suspenseful thriller from April Smith.

A fifteen-year-old girl has been abducted and Ana Grey is sent to investigate. When the girl reappears, completely traumatized, Ana realises she is far too emotionally invested in the case. She can no longer separate her own life from the victim’s. And if the situation wasn’t already sufficiently disturbing, her partner on the investigation is Andrew Berringer, her on-again, off-again lover. As her personal and professional lives converge, Ana reaches a breaking point. She no longer knows who she can trust, no even Berringer, and in a moment of anger fires her gun. Suddenly more than just the case is on the line–it’s her whole career.

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