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Bones Series

Found in Children’s Level 3 Readers
Meet Jeffrey Bones, boy detective. Perfect for new readers, the Bones easy-to-read mystery series—written by the author of the popular Cam Jansen books—features easy-to-follow and humorous storylines, brief sentences, and visual clues within the vibrant, wacky illustrations.
Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery by David A. Adler; Illustrated by Barbara Johansen Newman
Bones and the Football Mystery by David A. Adler
Bones and the Apple Pie Mystery by David A. Adler; Illustrated by Barbara Johansen Newman

Bones Series : Titles in Order

Book 10
Detective Jeffery Bones and Grandpa visit Grandpa’s friend Sally—the best apple pie baker around. Today, she’s practicing for the pie contest held at the county fair. But when it’s finally time to eat the pies, they are nowhere to be found—not in the oven, on the counter, or on the table. Did Sally’s dog Oliver eat them? Detective Jeffery Bones is on the case!
Book 9
Detective Jeffrey Bones is at a football game with Grandpa and his friend Sally. With Grandpa’s lucky shirt and hat, their favorite team is sure to win. But when Grandpa throws his hat in the air after a touchdown, it disappears, and it could be anywhere in the stadium! Can Bones use his detective bag and his sharp mind to solve this mystery of the missing hat?
Book 8
Detective Jeffrey Bones is having fun eating cake and watching a clown perform tricks at his friend’s birthday celebration. But when the clown can’t find her street clothes at the end of the party, it’s up to Bones to solve this Easy-to-Read mystery!
Book 7
Detective Jeffrey Bones and his grandpa are at the amusement park. They buy lots of tickets for games, the merry-go-round, and the roller coaster. They have great fun playing games, but when it’s time to ride the big coaster, they discover their tickets are missing. Were they stolen? Can Bones solve the mystery and find their tickets to ride?
Book 6
Jeffrey Bones’s teacher, Mr. Gale, loses things a lot. One day, Mr. Gale says he can’t find Bones’s math test, but Bones knows he turned it in. It’s time for him to use his detective skills. Can Bones find his test and get an “excellent? grade”?
Book 5
Bones and his parents got Grandpa a special present for his birthday. But by the time they all make it to the party, the gift is gone. How could it have disappeared so quickly? Will detective Jeffrey Bones be able to solve the mystery and sing ?Happy Birthday? to Grandpa?
Book 4
Detective Jeffrey Bones solves crimes?but this time it?s personal. He?s at a science museum when his blue Tyrannosaurus rex goes missing. Could someone have stolen it? Bones must find his T-rex! Hopefully there?s something in Bones?s detective bag that can help him solve this roar of a mystery!
Book 3
Detective Jeffrey Bones is always ready to help when a mystery strikes. This time, there is a missing cupcake at school. Armed with a code breaker, walkie-talkie, and clever jokes, Jeffrey Bones sets out to solve this sweet mystery!
Book 2
Detectives are supposed to find things, but one day at the park, Bones loses just about everything: his magnifying glass, his dog, and even his detective bag. Can Detective Jeffrey Bones find the things he lost?
Book 1
With his bag of detective tools in hand, Detective Jeffrey Bones can solve any mystery. Good thing, because Mr. Green has lost his school bus! Will Detective Bones be able to solve the case? Find out in this Level 3 reader!

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