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Fame School Series

Cindy Jefferies and Cindy Jeffries
Reach for the Stars #1 by Cindy Jefferies
Lucky Break #6 by Cindy Jefferies
Solo Star #7 by Cindy Jefferies

Fame School Series : Titles in Order

Book 7
A great book for fans of Glee!Who will be this year-s Rising Stars? At top talent school Rockley Park, the Rising Stars concert is the highlight of the year-the show is even going to be on TV! Chloe is desperate to take part and, against all odds, she makes the grade. This could be her big break! The only problem is that she has to perform with a band, when all she-s ever wanted was to be a solo star. Will Chloe be able to shine onstage? Or will all her hard work be wasted? Read all the books in the Fame School series!
Book 6
Marmalade—named after his bright orange hair—is one of the best dancers at Rockley Park, the school for up-and-coming stars. But he’s also the class clown, and things get out of hand when a new boy arrives and Marmalade starts to show off more than usual. He teases Chloe about her haircut, and isn’t serious even when he’s in his favorite dance class. Will Marmalade’s goofing catch up with him? If he keeps it up, he could miss his lucky break!
Book 5
Tara is following her dream of becoming a bass guitar rock star. But when roommates Pop and Lolly tell her about an African school for orphans, Tara decides that helping others is more important than becoming famous. A charity CD seems like a great way to raise money, since Tara is surrounded by talented friends and teachers at Rockley Park school. But before long, she realizes that the CD is much more work, and trouble, than she bargained for. Tara needs a lot of help—and a little ingenuity—to pull it all together. Will she succeed? Or will all her hard work be wasted?
Book 2
Chloe’s made it into Rockley Park, the first step on her road to becoming a famous singer. She’s completely intimidated by her roommates, Pop and Lolly, twin models who already have had their share of fame. Even worse, she’s desperate to perform in the school’s Rising Star concert—talent scouts from the big record companies often show up—but she can’t find her voice! Chloe’s new friends rally around her to try to help her get the power back in her voice, but time is running out. Will she miss her big chance?
Book 1
The first book in the series that’s great for fans of Glee!

Chloe loves singing and spends hours practicing in her bedroom, miming into her hairbrush in front of thousands of imaginary fans. So when she gets the chance to audition for Rockley Park— the school for budding pop stars—Chloe’s determined to make the cut. But first she has to persuade her parents that her ambition is for real. She knows it’s going to be tough, but life in the music biz isn’t all glitz and glamour. Will Chloe get to live her dream at Fame School?

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