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The Life of Ty Series

Lauren Myracle and Jed Henry
Follow the wacky plans and well-intended schemes of seven-year-old Ty Perry as he navigates classroom catastrophe and family frenzy in this new illustrated chapter book series by bestseller Lauren Myracle, author of The Winnie Years books.
Penguin Problems by Lauren Myracle; Illustrated by Jed Henry
Non-Random Acts of Kindness by Lauren Myracle; Illustrated by Jed Henry
Friends of a Feather by Lauren Myracle; Illustrated by Jed Henry

The Life of Ty Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Winnie Perry’s sweet baby brother Ty returns in the third chapter book of the series, sure to please fans old and new. Ty can barely contain his excitement–his best friend Joseph is out of the hospital and finally coming back to school! that means they can spend lots of time together and second grade can go back to normal. But everyone else in the classroom wants to be best friends with Joseph, too, and Ty is lonely, wishing he could have Joseph all to himself.  Change isn’t always easy, but Ty’s kind and positive attitude helps him learn that true friends stick together.
Book 2
Ty Perry’s second-grade life is crazier than ever.
He’s trying hard not to worry too much, but that’s not easy when his brain is filled with so many thoughts, like finally finding a pet for Baby Maggie, his sometimes-crazy classmates, and the dreaded neck-pinch-of-death. And then there’s his upcoming recitation about doing an act of kindness in front of the whole class!
Ty remains his wacky, curious self in this bighearted second installment of the Life of Ty series. Practicing kindness, random or not, doesn’t take that much worrying after all. Being kind is part of being Ty.
Book 1
Meet Ty, a little guy with a big heart!
Winnie Perry’s sweet baby brother, Ty is full of awesome ideas and wacky plans that only a seven-year-old boy could hatch. Whether it’s battling the family cat with a Dustbuster or smuggling a baby penguin out of the aquarium, Ty is always in the middle of a well-intended, kind hearted scheme!

In the spirit of the Judy Moody spinoff Stink series, Ty will work his way into the hearts and funny bones of a whole new generation of Myracle fans.

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