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The Show Series

Jordan Cooke
As Corliss Myers navigates the ups and downs of an internship on a TV show called The ‘Bu, she must contend with egotistical producers, uncooperative starlets, and a scandalous blog that’s been sharing unauthorized behind-the-scenes information.
Pilot Episode #1 by Jordan Cooke
Loose Lips #2 by Jordan Cooke
I'm with Cupid #3 by Jordan Cooke

The Show Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Love is in the air, and the cast members of The ‘Bu are behaving less like actors and more like the crazed contestants on a reality dating show. But nothing compares to the madness that ensues when Trent and Tanya take it to the next level and decide to get married. As usual, it’s up to Corliss to handle the mess. But how can she when she’s busy trying to have a love life of her own?
Book 2
When Anushka Peters is fired from The ‘Bu for bad behavior, she blabs to the press and blows the lid off the show’s scandalous and unauthorized blog, The ‘Bu-Hoo. Now the blog has maximum visibility, and all the cast and crew’s secrets are fair game. At first Max, the producer, isn’t worried—after all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Well, except when angry parents call for a nationwide boycott of your show, that is. Suddenly everyone’s bracing themselves for the end, until Corliss has an idea so crazy it just might save the show… and possibly make television history in process.
Book 1
Corliss Myers is the kind of girl who watches TV. (Alone. On prom night.) Not the kind who works in it. So imagine her excitement when her uncle gets her an internship on a TV show called The ‘Bu. Little does Corliss realize that this internship is nothing like what she’d expected. Soon she’s administering to the producer’s mammoth ego, keeping bed watch on the boozy starlet, and intercepting a burgeoning romance between two of the mega-hot, mega-hormonally compromised leads. And while all this is taking place, someone—we’re not yet sure who or why—is busy keeping the blogosphere up to date with The ‘Bu Hoo, a scandalous, unauthorized, behind-the-scenes look at the making of The ‘Bu.
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