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Summer Confidential Series

Melissa J. Morgan
Being a counselor-in-training at Camp Ohana is no challenge for professional surfer Cassie Hamilton. But she has more things to worry about than just catching waves. She will have to make friends—and flirt with boys! And even worse, she has a dark secret… and if that gets out, it could ruin everything!
Sunrise by Melissa J. Morgan
Twilight by Melissa J. Morgan
Sunset by Melissa J. Morgan

Summer Confidential Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
This summer is shaping up to be so much better than Cassie had expected. Not only has she gotten over her fear of people, she’s also gotten over her fear of people that are boys! Now if only she could get over her most crushing fear of all—that pesky little one that can’t be named— this would qualify as the absolute best summer ever!
Book 2
Only a few days into camp and socially challenged Cassie has already kissed a boy! There’s a big part of Cassie who really likes having feelings for someone. But another part of her wonders if Micah will just distract her from her surfing. And then there’s a third part—the part that’s avoided the ocean since that fateful day. And if that part doesn’t find a way to get over itself, Cassie may have to say good-bye to pro-surfing forever.
Book 1
Cassie Hamilton is a professional surfer who also happens to be a total hottie. So why in the world is she nervous about being a counselor-in-training at Camp Ohana this summer? She’s never been a genius in the social department, but that’s only part of it… Cassie has a deep dark secret. And if it ever got out, her summer, not to mention her life, would be completely ruined.

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