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The Delaneys: The Untamed Years Series

Kay Hooper
Golden Flames by Kay Hooper
Velvet Lightning by Kay Hooper

The Delaneys: The Untamed Years Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
In this triumphant and tantalizing historical romance from New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper, a daring sea captain seeks paradise with a troubled beauty.

Out of allegiance to her ailing father, Catherine Waltrip has remained in Port Elizabeth, an isolated island where nothing is as it seems. Cool, distant, and enigmatic, Catherine hides behind the frosty reserve of her porcelain features. But behind closed doors, she melts in the arms of her rugged and infamous blockade runner. Their secret and forbidden love is her only escape from inner demons she could never confess, deadly demons that could destroy them both. But secrets have a way of surfacing, and not even Captain Marc Tyrone will be able to keep Catherine safe when the terrifying truth is revealed. . . .

A renegade born to command the high seas, Marc traces his fortune back to the  dangerous choices he made when his country was divided by war. One of those choices comes back to haunt him when Falcon Delaney suspects him of stealing a lost cache of Civil War treasure. But Marc has something infinitely more precious to protect than missing gold: the woman who stole his heart and soul. Only too late does her chilling secret emerge as a fiery revelation; and only then does Marc understand the dangerous sacrifices she has made to protect him. Now the tables have turned, and it is Marc who must fight for a love that cannot die.

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Book 1
A Civil War treasure hunt unites a haunted socialite and a Delaney rogue in this breathtaking novel from New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper.
Victoria Fontaine may be a vision of genteel refinement, every inch the lady, but she has secrets that make her dangerous to any man bold enough to pursue her. Falcon Delaney is no fool, and he’s more than bold enough. He’s a master of seduction, a man who lights something primal inside her and almost makes Victoria forget the brutal ravages of a war that took everything from her. She lives by the rules of an unforgiving society, and yet Falcon seduces her heart and mind until none of that matters. To her shock, Victoria finally realizes she’s willing to disregard every rule to have him—until a heartbreaking telegram sends her riding west in deadly pursuit of a killer.
Powerful, dangerous, and broodingly handsome, Falcon has spent years pursuing a stolen cache of Union gold. When he’s attacked and awakens in a locked New York cellar, gazing into the enchanting eyes of Victoria Fontaine, he’s more than willing to forget all about treasure. Torn between obsession and duty, Falcon longs to cherish Victoria, to understand the secrets and shadows he senses in her and make her his own.  But, always a lone wolf, he cannot make any promises, even to the woman who has stolen his heart. Then Victoria is wrenched from his arms by a shocking blood debt—and Falcon has no choice but to follow her in a desperate race to reach her before her enemies do, to a place where danger, desire, and a shared destiny await.
This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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