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The First Kingdom Series

Jack Katz
First Kingdom Vol 1: The Birth of Tundran by Jack Katz
The First Kingdom Vol. 5: The Space Explorers Club by Jack Katz
The First Kingdom Vol. 6: Destiny by Jack Katz

The First Kingdom Series : Titles in Order

Book 6
The never-before-published conclusion to the six-volume First Kingdom saga!

The incredible conclusion to Jack Katz’s personal saga of science fiction and human achievement: forty years in the telling – begun in 1974 and concluded in 2014!
Book 5
An epic new chapter in one of the greatest graphic novel series from the Golden Age of Comics!

From the life’s work of a man who inspired some of the greatest names in comics history comes an incredible new chapter in The First Kingdom saga!
Book 4
The fourth volume in The First Kingdom series concludes the first galaxy-sprawling chapter in the lifetime’s work of one the comics industry’s greatest secrets!

The war between humanity and the news gods takes as ugly twist as the demi-deities begin to experiment combining human flesh with robot technology. The result is a new twist in the catastrophic battle between the gods and their creations!

A heady mix of Classic mythology, creation myth of biblical proportions, epic space opera and barnstorming sci-fi pulp, this is a forgotten classic resurrected here to greatness!
Book 3
The third volume in the saga created by one of the most unique visionaries in the history of the graphic novel. 

In a far and vastly-mutated future, human champion Tundran and his offspring continue to find themselves pawns in a universe-sized game between a new pantheon of gods, demi-gods and monsters! 

Modelled on the Homeric epics, this is the graphic novel equivalent of Paradise Lost – a grandstanding future epic, part space opera, part creation myth, with a dab of pulp sword & sorcery fantasy thrown in!

SETTING: Post-apocalyptic future
Book 2
The second in a collection of post-apocalyptic graphic novels, in the vein of a futuristic, post-civilization The Odyssey or Viking saga! Following the destruction of civilisation, a new hero has arisen: Tundran. Like a prehistoric Beowulf or post-nuclear Armageddon Conan, he must battle to overcome goddess lovers, mutants, monsters – to return home as a liberator.
Book 1

A saga that exposes the limitless potential of the comics medium!
The first in a series of Homeric, post-apocalyptic graphic novels, following the vein of a futuristic, post-civilization The Odyssey or The Iliad!

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