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To Hell and Back Series

Matthew Hughes and Tom Gauld
Costume Not Included by Matthew Hughes
Hell to Pay by Matthew Hughes

To Hell and Back Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
The Actionary: To Be or Not To Be? 

The epic conclusion to the brilliant To Hell and Back series – a trilogy that does for autism what Flowers for Algernon did for intellectual disability

Being a crime-fighting superhero with a demon sidekick is not as much fun as Chesney Arnstruther thought it would be. Nor is having his autism “healed” by the historical Jesus.

To make things worse, he’s zeroing in on the metaphysical truths behind the notion that reality is a book constantly being rewritten by a deity exploring the nature of good and evil. Satan and the Messiah are holed up in Eden writing fresh chapters, and Chesney’s quest takes him to ancient Babylon and Rome, and into a deep-past encounter with a tribe of God-worshipping dinosaurs.

It all leads Chesney toward a choice that no superhero should have to make…

FILE UNDER: Fantasy [ The Better Book | Talk the Dinosaur | Scam Busters | Bring Me Barabbas! ]
Book 2
The Actionary Rides Again!

The second book in the fantastical To Hell and Back series – a trilogy that does for autism what Flowers for Algernon did for intellectual disability.

Chesney Arnstruther, high-functioning autistic actuary turned crime-fighting superhero, is adjusting to the idea that reality is a book being written – and rewritten – by a deity who wants to explore the concepts of good and evil. His quest for the truth takes him into a discarded draft to meet up with the historical Jesus – or Joshua Josephson, as the Messiah calls himself – when Chesney brings him into the current draft and puts him on TV.

Meanwhile, he’s (literally) digging up the evidence of a decades-old murder that threatens the power of the corrupt cabal that runs his city. And he has a new problem: contact with Joshua Josephson has “healed” his autism, and Chesney is not at all sure he likes being “normal.”

File Under: Fantasy [ Everything’s Meta | Britney’s Peers | Dance With The Devil | The Demonic Duo ]

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