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The Riot Brothers Series

Mary Amato and Ethan Long
Riot Brother Rule Number One: Make something exciting happen every day.
Whether it’s overthrowing a wicked king (which means you have to find one first), racing to fool your Mom before she gets you on April Fools’ Day, or foiling a diamond heist, Wilbur and Orville Riot are up to the challenge of never being bored.
Each book is chock full of ridiculous puns, pithy sayings, and inventive games that you can play at home.  The short chapters are a great bedtime read—though if you’re not careful you might stay up all night laughing.  The vocabulary is ideal for readers of chapter books, with occasional challenges thrown in.  Ethan Long’s lively, cartoonish illustrations bring the action to life, and Mary Amato provides loads of interesting extra material, including songs, sayings, and imaginative games you can play at home. 
The Riot Brothers have a warm, supportive sibling relationship, and they’ve always got each other’s backs. (It’s in the rules. #21: If your brother is ever in an embarrassing situation, help him out of it.)  They’re creative, resilient, and they’re always hilarious.  A great read for fans of Dav Pilkey or Jeff Kinney. 
Our new hardcover editions feature durable, updated paper-over-board covers with cool hidden effects—tilt the book in the light to uncover shiny bugs, underpants, or stink lines—and updated backmatter to keep the laughs going. 
So keep your eyes open, your mouth shut, and your nostrils on alert! The Riot Brothers are back!
Snarf Attack, Underfoodle, and the Secret of Life by by Mary Amato; illustrated by Ethan Long
Stinky and Successful by by Mary Amato; illustrated by Ethan Long
Take the Mummy and Run by by Mary Amato; illustrated by Ethan Long

The Riot Brothers Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
It’s the first day of summer vacation, and life is great—until the Riot Brothers find out their cousin is coming to visit
How can you complete secret missions and make exciting things happening when you have to drag around a guest?  Luckily, it turns out Cousin Amelia is the kind of cousin they like—the fun kind! She’s just as great at coming up with cool games and clever sayings as Orville and Wilbur, and she even travels with her very own (fake) pet snake. 
Riot Brother Rule #24 says, “Kids who are fun can become Riot Brothers, even if they aren’t brothers,” so obviously Amelia is in. Together, the trio takes on all-new adventures, from starting a robot car wash to finding a lost mummy to solving mysteries . . . like why the neighborhood bully is following them around wearing aftershave. 
This new hardcover edition features an updated paper over board cover (with shiny mummy bandages), plus all the new Games, Rules, and Songs—not to mention instructions on how to do the super-secret Riot Brothers handshake, so you can join in!
Book 3
Tomorrow is April Fool’s day, the best holiday of all, and the Riot Brothers have only one goal: FOOL MOM!

This April Fool’s day they’re determined to finally do it—but Mom isn’t an easy mark.  If fake rats don’t do the trick, what will?  And what happens when Mom fools them first?

Always inventive and energetic, the Riot Brothers are back and pun-nier than ever.  Can they save a damsel in distress by employing Operation Armpit?  And how do you become a mad scientist, anyway?
One thing is certain—the Riot Brothers are always up to something, and it’s always something great.

This new hardcover edition features an updated paper over board cover (with extra shiny stink clouds!) as well as a list of the Riot Brothers’ new games, rules, songs, and sayings… And hark! A goodly guide to talking like a Riot Knight. Plus, a sneak peek of Riot Brothers #4: Take the Mummy and Run
Book 2
Are you bored? Do you like exciting and dangerous adventures?

Then it’s your lucky day! Orville and Wilbur Riot are back with all-new escapades—because, you know, you can’t do the same mission twice. (That’s Rule #15!)

As the brothers say, a bad day is like bad breath . . . it just gets worse unless you do something about it. So Wilbur and Orville are determined to never be bored, even if that means they have to figure out how to become movie stars or foil a diamond heist.

This time even Mom gets in on the fun when the brothers announce a switch day—sorry, a dwitch say—and take over the house and their school. 

This new edition features an updated cover, a list of the Riot Brothers’ new games, and a sneak peak of Riot Brothers #3: Stinky and Successful.
Book 1
Riot Brother Rule #1: Make something exciting happen every day
It’s no easy task, but Wilbur and Orville Riot are up to the challenge. Whether it’s catching a bank robber, finding hidden treasure while cleaning the house, or overthrowing a wicked king, the Riot brothers are clever, resourceful, and just plain funny.  They sing songs, make up games, and always come out on top in the end—in spite of a few bumps along the way. 
The inventive, energetic brothers have a warm sibling relationship (even when they’re trying to make each other snarf milk out of their noses), and though they get called into the Principal’s office now and then, the trouble they make is always in good fun. Plus, she’s their mom, so she always gives them a ride home.  Not a bad end to an exciting day. 
The short chapters make great bedtime reads—though beware! You might be tempted to stay up all night playing Underfoodle or the Frying-Pan Game. And with lots of puns and just the right amount of gross-out humor, this updated edition contains three stories about the Riot Brothers, plus lists, lists, and more lists—including the Riot Brother Rules, all their games, and the extra-special Riot Brother Top Ten List of Important Things To Be Able To Do With Your Face . . . plus, a preview of the Riot Brothers sequel, Drooling and Dangerous.

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