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Creatures & Teachers Series

Jennifer Killick
Dread Detention by Jennifer Killick
Latest in the Series

Dread Detention

Book 1
Hardcover $17.99

Creatures & Teachers Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Let your fears take flight in this scary sequel of the Creatures & Teachers series where a group of friends must protect their school from vampire birds!

Angelo and his friends know that together they can handle any pretty much anything together. The scariest thing they think they have to worry about these days is the upcoming school dance. 

But when a terrifying new enemy attacks from above it seems they have met their ultimate match . . . giant vampire birds after BLOOD.

Can they save their school before the big dance or will they dicover terror in the air like they’ve never seen before?
Book 1
The Breakfast Club meets Stranger Things in this middle grade horror novel for fans of Goosebumps! Detention turns even scarier when a group of classmates discover dangers lurking in their school.

When classmates Hallie, Angelo, Gustav and Naira are forced to come to school on a Saturday, they think things can’t get much worse. But they’re wrong. Things are about to get seriously scary.

What has dragged their teacher underground? Why do the creepy caretakers keep humming the tune to Itsy Bitsy Spider? And what horrors lurk in the shadows, getting stronger and meaner every minute . . .? Cut off from help and in danger each time they touch the ground, the gang’s only hope is to work together. But it’s no coincidence that they’re all there on detention. Someone has been watching and plotting and is out for revenge . . .
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