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Lisi Harrison
The Pack #3: Two Truths and a Lion by Lisi Harrison
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The Pack #3: Two Truths and a Lion

Book 3
Ebook $8.99

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Book 3
Sadie and her pack of best friends are back one last time in this series finale about girls with animal powers from the #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisi Harrison.

Sadie and her friends should be preparing for end of the year finals but they are about to go on a mission to save one of their own. She was taken from school and they know just where to find her. Things are all going according to plan. 

But suddenly there’s a new girl at school—with the same powers as Sadie—who claws her way into The Pack. But this girl is fiercly confident and soon wants to lead them her own way.

Not wanting to start drama, Sadie bites her tongue but as their rescue mission begins these two girls find themselves butting heads. To make matters worse Sadie’s BFF Lindsey seems to be losing focus…and the hyenas have figured out they left school and are on their tail! Can they navigate their secret mission and friendships to bring back their fallen pack member? Or will this adventure change them forever?
Book 2
Sadie and her best friends are back in book two of this series about girls with animal powers. The Pack seems stronger than ever but Sadie has a secret that could claw its way out.

Sadie thought joining the Pack would be the wildest thing to happen to her this year but the school year is becoming even harder. 
On top of classes Sadie has to navigate her growing feelings for her crush, taming her powers during cheer practice and trouble making hyenas trying to take her crown. 

Then there is the massive secret she is keeping from her BFF Lindsey–that could destroy their friendship and The Pack as they know it. Will the shocking truth come out to bite them?
Book 1
A pack of best friends navigate first crushes, new friendships and more at their school for girls with animal powers! 

Don’t be fooled. . . . Charm House isn’t like any other charm school. Charm stands for Center for Human-Animal Reform and Manners. Every girl who boards there has an animal light inside her that is wild and needs to be tamed.

New girl Sadie just wants to stay out of trouble and blend in. When she learns she has the fiercest animal light of all, she is invited to join the group of it girls known as the Pack, led by Lindsey, the school’s queen of the jungle. Soon Sadie is consumed by social drama and her secret feelings for an off-limits private-school boy. 

Charm House is supposed to protect them, but danger looms when someone starts to threaten the girls. Is the school in jeopardy—or is someone trying to tear the Pack apart?  

“Girls with secret kick-butt animal powers? Yes please. This story is fast paced, hilarious, and wildly fun.”—Melissa de la Cruz, New York Times bestselling author of The Descendants

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