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Your Pal Fred Series

Michael Rex
Your Pal Fred by Michael Rex
Low Power by Michael Rex

Your Pal Fred Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
In this action-packed sequel by #1 New York Times bestselling creator Michael Rex, Fred shows us how all arguments, big and small, can be solved with kindness—even when it’s not always welcomed!

Fred has made quite a name for himself as a peacemaker since his last adventure! Now everyone who loves to argue is coming to him for help resolving their disagreements, but there’s just one problem . . . Fred is low on power. Thanks to the clouds of pollution in the sky, Fred’s solar battery can’t recharge.
    With the help of his best friend, Wormy, he sets off for SunTop—a city with a sky-high place where the sun can be seen. But once there, he’s told that he can’t recharge unless he stops a clan of garbage-like creatures from attacking every night. It’s a race against time for Fred to solve the mystery of the Trash before he runs out of power forever!
Book 1
* Best Graphic Novel for Kids selection by the American Library Association*
*Texas Little Maverick Reading List selection*
*101 Great Books for Kids selection by the Evanston Public Library*

From Michael Rex, the bestselling author/illustrator of Fangbone! and Goodnight Goon, comes a zany and hilarious graphic novel that shines a light on the humanity inside all of us—even if you’re a robot.

He’s a super-nice kid in an ultra-mean world.
He believes even the worst people are good inside.
He’ll always be there for you… even if you boot him out of your castle, pit him against a mechanical giant, put him on top of a pole in a lightning storm, and trap him in a booming dance party that lasts all night long.
He’s Your Pal Fred.

In a brutal world far in the future where only the savage survive, a life-size toy suddenly activates. Fred was built to be a best buddy, and his relentless kindness never fades, even when everyone else is rude. Determined to make the world a better place, he has the bright idea to talk the two most powerful and battle-hungry warlords, Lord Bonkers and Papa Mayhem, into being friends. It’s a mission doomed to fail, unless Fred can find a way to inspire everyone to play nice!

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