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The Florida Series

Heather Graham
Captive by Heather Graham
Rebel by Heather Graham
Surrender by Heather Graham

The Florida Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
A passionate and exhilarating story that follows the McKenzie family in Civil War-era Florida—from New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham.

Risa Magee, a privileged Yankee beauty, faces mystery and danger when she bravely rows into enemy waters to deliver a warning to a friend. However, nothing has prepared her for the dangers of the heart when she is taken prisoner by Rebel sea captain Jerome McKenzie.
Book 3
From the New York Times bestselling author comes a story of love forged in the flames of the American Civil War, and a betrayal that threatens to tear it apart.
Alaina McMann’s honor is compromised when she finds herself in the brazenly sensual arms of Union Major Ian McKenzie. Despite her loyalty to the Southern cause, she has no choice but to marry the Northern soldier. Their convictions keep them distant and cold from one another, until love begins to melt their hearts.
But when Major McKenzie is dispatched on a mission to capture the most notorious and seductive spy in the confederacy, known only as the Moccasin, he realizes that the rebel he is hunting may be his own wife.
Book 2
In this spirited romance, New York Times best-selling author Heather Graham draws on her love for Florida and its rich history. This lusty tale of intrigue and passion, set in the tumultuous years of the Seminole Wars, shimmers with the colorful energy of Florida’s vibrant landscapes.

Teela Warren is a southern beauty, raised in the gentility of a vast plantation. When she first travels to the Florida Territory, she is overwhelmed by its exotic wilderness. And when she encounters half- Native James McKenzie there, her desires are aroused in ways that are as strange and wonderful as the untamed countryside. But their love is perilous, and war threatens to put them on opposite sides of the bloodshed.

Captive has won the praise of romance readers nationwide with its provocative tale of love and war. Bringing to life the Europeans and Native Americans who struggled to control Florida during the turbulent first half of the nineteenth century, Heather Graham has captured all the perils and excitement of one of the fiercest struggles for territory in our history.

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