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My Girlfriend’s Child Series

Mamoru Aoi
My Girlfriend's Child Vol. 5 by Mamoru Aoi
Coming soon (08-20-24)

My Girlfriend’s Child Vol. 5

Book 5
Paperback $13.99

My Girlfriend’s Child Series : Titles in Order

Book 6

Malicious gossip about Sachi’s pregnancy continues to follow her wherever she goes. Ostracized by her peers and pressured by her teachers, she now has another difficult decision to make about her future. Namely, how and where she should complete her education. That is, if she’s able to at all. And though her family and Takara are by her side to support her, will Sachi end up abandoning high school altogether? Or will she find the strength to pull through for the sake of her unborn child?
Book 5

Sachi knew pregnancy wasn’t going to be easy, but she never knew it would be quite this hard. Not only does she still feel physically unwell, but her frustration over her lack of freedom won’t stop eating away at her. All those anxieties finally come to a head in an explosive argument with Takara that throws the future of their relationship into jeopardy. Later, things become even more complicated when a rumor about her pregnancy starts to spread like wildfire around her school. Will Sachi be able to stay and graduate alongside all her friends? Or will all the gossip force her to give up on her dream?
Book 4

Sachi has decided against an abortion. However, her choice is not without immediate consequences. While she deals with a flood of forms and doctor appointments, Takara is kicked out of his house and juggles multiple jobs to save money for her and their unborn child. In the midst of it all, Sachi’s dad shows up out of the blue and promises to take care of everything. But what are his true intentions…?
Book 3

The night she told her mom she was pregnant, Sachi felt crushed by anxiety and loneliness at her unexpected reaction. Sensing the presence of the child inside her, though, one thing became clear: she doesn’t want to have an abortion. Now the day of the joint meeting between her and Takara’s families has arrived and tensions are high. Will Sachi be able to express her mixed feelings about having an abortion even though people keep pushing her to go through with it? Or will she cave under the pressure?
Book 2

With her pregnancy all but confirmed, Sachi decides to visit a clinic alone and in secret. She indicates that she plans to have an abortion while filling out all the paperwork, but once she hears the quiet heartbeat of the life forming inside her during the ultrasound, her resolve begins to waver. Now she and Takara have three weeks to decide what to do. But how can they decide the fate of their unborn child when they’re still children themselves? And when will they finally break the news to their parents?
Book 1
In this poignant and award-winning romantic shojo drama, a teenage couple’s lives are changed forever after a positive pregnancy test.

Sachi and her boyfriend Takara are your average high school couple. They go to school together, hang out, and even engage in the more intimate side of dating. However, as time passes, Sachi starts to get the feeling that something isn’t right and decides to buy a pregnancy test. Later, in the bathroom of a family restaurant far from her home, she sees the two red lines that will change both her and Takara’s life forever.
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