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Attack on Titan: Junior High Series

Saki Nakagawa
Attack on Titan: Junior High 1 by Story by Hajime Isayama; Art by Saki Nakagawa
Attack on Titan: Junior High 4 by Story by Hajime Isayama; Art by Saki Nakagawa
Attack on Titan: Junior High 5 by Story by Hajime Isayama; Art by Saki Nakagawa

Attack on Titan: Junior High Series : Titles in Order

Book 5

The school-aged hijinks of your favorite Attack on Titan characters come to a sad but hilarious end in this extra-long, 450-page volume!
Book 4

As winter nears, a legend spreads through the student body about a mysterious “Snow Titan.” When a sudden cold snap hits Attack Junior High, the story turns out to be more than legend! Later, what do you get humanity’s strongest soldier…on his birthday? And the peace of the campus comes to depend on the wiles of the one least in touch with reality…Armin!
Book 3
Eren and the gang start a band, in the hopes of taking the school festival by storm! But they face unexpected opposition in the school’s mysterious idols, a trio known as No Name, not to mention the musical Titans! Then, Mikasa gets herself caught up in a high-stakes culinary battle, and two familiar figures from Levi’s past return to haunt him. Another 300 pages of bizarre, irresistible Titanic nonsense!
Book 2
What do you get when you combine a bunch of unstable teenagers, a school full of mysteries, and giant monsters? Attack on Titan: Junior High, one of the weirdest manga parodies you’ll ever read! In this volume, the holy Mr. Erwin makes his debut, and it seems Eren’s the only one not in love with their new teacher. Then, an odd set of circumstances pit Armin and Levi against one another! Over 300 more pages of ridiculous Titan comedy!

“I want to hate this, and I can’t. You win, Attack on Titan: Junior High.” – Fandom Post

“Very good comedy, with lots of quotable bits.” – Manga Bookshelf
Book 1
A spin-off series to the number one bestseller in Japan. Eren and Mikasa enter a new school– Titan Junior High! However, Eren’s hated Titans for years– can he get along with his new (harmless?) classmates? Featuring all of the characters from the main series as you’ve never seen them before, this series is sure to delight fans of Attack on Titan with a human vs. Titan volleyball match, a Titan rock band, and much more!

The megahit Attack on Titan anime finally returns, streaming on April 1!

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