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Magnus Myst and Thomas Hussung
The Little Bad Book #1 by Magnus Myst; illustrated by Thomas Hussung
The Little Bad Book #2 by Magnus Myst; illustrated by Thomas Hussung
The Little Bad Book #3 by Magnus Myst; illustrated by Thomas Hussung


Book 3
In this third book in the Little Bad Book interactive series, yet another secret is revealed to the reader—and this time it’s ancient!

Hey, you! Good thing you’re here! See, I need a reader who’s got some guts. And who’s brave and clever and cunning—plus also, ideally, super delicious. Uh, no, not delicious. Forget I said that. Brave and smart, I meant to say. Exactly. Are you brave and smart? And do you want to help me? I promise you this: if you read me, it’ll be the last thing you . . . uh, no, the best time you’ve ever had in your whole life!

So how about it? Do you dare read me? If so, here’s a hint . . . be sure to pack a Time Travel Emergency Kit. You might just need it!
Book 2
In this second book in the Little Bad Book interactive series, young readers will be dared to solve tricky puzzles and funny riddles and to become part of the plot in eerily funny stories in order to reveal the Little Bad Book’s secret!

You might not believe this, but I’ve discovered the biggest secret in the world. Yes, honestly! Should I tell you? Okay. Just be careful! It will be the scariest thing you’ve ever read! I hope you can take it. Can you?? I bet you can. You’re brave, aren’t you?
Do you dare to read me? Come on—do it—read me!
You are the lucky reader who can discover the secret the little bad book is willing to share. The puzzles and riddles will challenge you, but it is definitely worth it! Go ahead and take a chance! You are the baddest one there is!
Book 1
With tricky puzzles, funny riddles, and eerily funny stories, this interactive middle grade book allows the reader to become a part of the plot!

This is all about YOU—yes, I am talking to YOU.
Your help is needed. Act NOW! Pick up and start this book no matter what else you are doing. Don’t be a goody-goody and wait for the right time—the right time is this minute! Come on, do it! Make a decision! Who cares what the adults or others say? You can start by helping me be bad—even evil! Yah, YOU! But don’t worry, because we won’t get punished—no, we’ll have fun! Guaranteed FUN.
This Little Bad Book you have discovered has dreams and aspirations, but it needs help from YOU, the reader. You will find eerily funny stories packed with challenging puzzles and riddles and fantastic drawings and images. Only you, the reader, can help this little bad book get what you both want—a surprisingly terrific time together. Get started! It’s up to you, and you can do it!

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