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Lone Star Series

Ellis Wesley and Wesley Ellis
Lone Star 02 by Wesley Ellis
Lone Star 152/bogus B by Wesley Ellis
Lone Star 153/mountai by Wesley Ellis

Lone Star Series : Titles in Order

Book 153
The triumphant final ride of the Lone Star legend!

Jessie and Ki are on a train to Laredo with Jessie’s new thoroughbred, Lucifer, when the train is ambushed. Ki is wounded and left for dead. Jessie and Lucifer are taken to a hacienda at the foot of El Monte del Fuego, a living volcano. As the volcano begins to rumble, Jessie realizes that she must save herself and Lucifer from the men who will do anything to have her horse.
Book 152
A con man plans an all-out border war—and makes Jessie a deal to die for!

When Colonel Edgar Perry rides into the Circle Star ranch with a get-rich-quick scheme to extend the border of Texas into Mexico, Jessie’s refusal to go along leads to her abduction, sending Ki on their trail.
Book 151
An assassin blazes a bloody trail headed straight for Jessie and Ki!

Jessica Starbuck, a woman fighting for justice on the American frontier, and Ki, a martial arts expert devoted to her protection, return in an adventure that brings them face to face with a mystery killer named “The Scorpion.”
Book 150
Jessie’s land is up for grabs, and so is her neck!

Finding the Circle Star ranch besieged by a gang of trigger-happy claim jumpers and their leader Pleas Barstow, a bloodthirsty rustler who kills for his own glory, Jessie and Ki plan to retaliate with a Gatling gun.
Book 149
At the Liberty Saloon the blood’s flowing faster than the whiskey!

Jessie and Ki get involved in a showdown between the Liberty Saloon and Sister Angela’s Temperance Army, and soon realize that an evil cartel plans to make America’s freedoms into sins—and destroy the Lone Star duo.
Book 148
Jessie and Ki fight to save a mysterious hellraiser from a life sentence of death and vengeance!

Rewarding an act of heroism with a seat on the spring roundup, Jessie learns that her new hand, Dustin Gamble, has a larger score to settle and is threatening to destroy anything—or anyone—standing in his path.
Book 147
Jessie and Ki fix up a deadly cure for some outlaws with gold fever!

Jessica Starbuck and her partner, martial arts master Ki, head to the Nevada desert to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a family who was rumored to have struck gold there.
Book 146
Jessie and Ki find more swindlers than timber in the cross fire of a bloody north-woods feud!

Pursuing double trouble when both the Flaming Geyser stage line and Rod Delmonico’s forest holdings become targets of assault, the Lone Star duo Jessi and Ki realize that a subtle culprit is on the loose in the forest.
Book 145
Jessie and Ki stalk a killer who’s turned a riverboat into a floating coffin!

When one of her father’s old friends asks them to check out his investment in a St. Louis steamboat, Jessie and Ki set out to investigate the River Queen, only to discover that its investors are being murdered, one by one.
Book 144
Ki’s stalking a gang that’s taken lives, land—and Jessie!

Kidnapped by the henchmen of ruthless Texas land baron Antonio Vargas after she witnesses his shooting, Jessie Starbuck’s only hope of escape from her abductors and depraved gang leader Swann is her wounded partner Ki.
Book 143
In the wickedest town since Sodom, Jessie and Ki fight to save a young man’s life—and their own souls!

When Jessie and Ki tackle a rescue mission inside a saloon called Hell, known for its debauchery, depravity, and death, they find themselves tangling with a vigilante group out to clean up the Wyoming town, no matter who gets in their way.
Book 142
Hell hath no fury like a dozen women riding for vengeance!

After witnessing the murders of their families, twelve women band together to seek revenge on the men responsible for the crimes, but when their blood lust rages out of control, it is up to Jessie and Ki to stop them.
Book 141
Jessie and Ki follow the trail of a missing man—and fall into a deadly trap!

When a trusted ranch manager and some money vanish from the Starbuck ranch, Jessie and Ki track their quarry to Rock Canyon, a lawless town in the heart of the Arizona Territory, and find themselves up against a nasty hired gun and hostile Indians.
Book 140
A ruthless killer leaves messages of doom—but Jessie and Ki aim to write his epitaph!

Jessie and Ki track a brutal cattle-rustling killer who is out to rid Montana of every rancher, only to find themselves the next target of the murderer.
Book 139
A valuable ranch is up for grabs—and so are Jessie and Ki’s lives!

After old friend Malcom Birnam is gunned down by his two new hired hands, it is up to Jessie and Ki to protect Birnam’s son from the murderous schemes of the vicious duo.

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