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Pee Wee Scouts Series

Judy Delton
Pee Wee Scouts: All Dads on Deck by Judy Delton
Pee Wee Scouts: Teeny Weeny Zucchinis by Judy Delton
Pee Wee Scouts: Super Duper Pee Wee! by Judy Delton

Pee Wee Scouts Series : Titles in Order

Book 38
To earn a new badge, the Pee Wees volunteer to help at the charity circus when it comes to town. But Molly is afraid of the trapeze, the animals and even the clowns. Magic is the only act left on the sign-up sheet, but Molly can’t do any tricks. With a little help from her friends, something magical just might happen.
Book 37
The Pee Wees are visiting the Lazy T Ranch, where they get to wear cowboy hats, learn how to throw a lasso, and go horseback riding. There’s even a spooky ghost town to explore. The only down side is the big square dance scheduled for the end of the weekend. None of the girls wants Roger or Sonny for a partner. Molly has a plan to avoid dancing with them. Will it work?
Book 32
The Pee Wees are putting on a talent show. They plan to sell tickets so they can raise money for a trip to Minnesota Magic, a huge and fantastic amusement park. But right away there is trouble. Roger doesn’t have a dummy to use in his ventriloquist act. Tracy doesn’t have a model to use in her hair-styling act. And Molly…well, Molly doesn’t have a talent at all. How can she be in the show without an act?
Book 27
Join the Pee Wee Scouts for fun and adventure as they make friends and earn badges. 
It’s time for the Harvest Fest. 

There will be rides and booths and lots of fun things to eat. Each of the Pee Wees is going to help out. They can work in the first-aid tent or at one of the booths. And some of them are going to have a stand of their own. Mary Beth is going to sell cookies made from pumpkins grown in her backyard. And Rachel and Jody are going to have a stand together telling fortunes by reading tea leaves. Molly doesn’t know what she’s going to do at the Harvest Fest, but she’s jealous of Rachel. Molly thought that Jody was her friend.
Book 26
Join the Pee Wee Scouts for fun and adventure as they make friends and earn badges. 
Dear Pen Pal . . .

The Pee Wees latest project is to write to another Pee Wee Scout in a different troop in a different town! When they draw names of their new pen pals, Molly is annoyed that she drew a boy! But to get her badge, she has to write him. Rat’s knees! 

But Molly has other things to think about: her aunt and uncle are getting a divorce and Aunt Ree is moving in with them. And she’s going to share Molly’s room. 
And as a super duper bonus, this Pee Wee Scouts book includes some fun puzzles, riddles, and recipes.
Book 24
As Halloween approaches, Mrs. Peters puts the Pee Wees to work earning their treats by writing scary stories, making costumes, and bringing food to the local food bank — all for the less fortunate kids in town.
Book 23
All the Pee Wee Scouts are excited by a planned fishing excursion in honor of Father’s Day, except for Molly, who comes up with a scheme to ensure that no fish are hurt.
Book 16
Caring for the environment becomes the Pee Wees’ main concern as they work to earn their Save-the-Earth badges.
Book 15
Molly needs to borrow or rent a baby. Fast.

It’s Christmastime and baby-tending time. Rachel will practice with her cousin Rhonda. Mary Beth has a little sister to take care of. And Sonny’s hit the jackpot! He has two new babies to feed and burp–but he won’t share them with Molly.

Rat’s knees! Molly has no one. Will this be the first badge Molly misses?

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