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X-MEN: RED Series

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X-MEN: RED Series : Titles in Order

Book 4
The FALL OF X is felt on Arakko! As the Brotherhood reels from the cataclysmic events of the Hellfire Gala, Genesis takes advantage of the chaos – and declares war! Two vast mutant armies clash, and Arakko’s idols fall. But this is only the beginning of a conflict that will remake the Red Planet. Under siege in Port Prometheus, Storm readies to hold the line against the ultimate bioweapon. Meanwhile, the Fisher King finds himself tormented by his strange new abilities – and the secrets in his memory might turn the tide of the Genesis War. But as the Four Horsemen ride across the land and daemon armies sweep through the skies, Genesis launches her endgame – and Storm and the Brotherhood must fight for their lives. The Revelation is here – and so is Apocalypse! Collecting X-MEN RED (2022) #14-18.
Book 3
The calm before the…? After recent turmoil, Arakko catches its breath – but even as Storm begins a new romance, she has no time to rest. Xavier has questions about Magneto’s death, and he’s not asking nicely. Meanwhile, the White Sword – the Omega mutant healer who could raise the dead and bind them to his service – once had one hundred warriors. Now the last of the Hundred tells the tale of the one who destroyed them – one who is coming to test Arakko again! Plus: The origin of Arakko revealed! In ancient days, Genesis turned back the hordes of Amenth and forced Annihilation into a parley. What words were spoken in her mind? Apocalypse finally will know, and the echoes of those words might destroy him – and Arakko with him! Collecting X-MEN RED (2022) #11-13 and X-MEN: BEFORE THE FALL – HERALDS OF APOCALYPSE.
Book 2
Battle for the broken land! Planet Arakko chose peace over war. Now war has chosen them. The monstrous arsenal of the Eternals is on the march. The Arakkii must defend their realm according to the ancient laws – but against an enemy even older than they are, can the old ways win? Then, the Great Ring declares that Isca the Unbeaten is no longer fit for the Seat of Victory. But if she won’t step down, is there anyone who can make her? And when Cable springs his trap for Abigail Brand, could her plans be too big for even the Askani’son to handle alone? To foil a scheme stretching from the Sol System to the Shi’ar Empire and beyond, the Soldier of Tomorrow needs all the help he can get – from his very own X-Men Red! Collecting X-MEN RED (2022) #6-10.
Book 1
Who can save the red planet? The mutants of Arakko spent millennia scarred by war – but on the world once called Mars, they’re learning to live in peace. Storm knows something greater than a queen is needed to keep this fragile new world together – but while she has a broken Magneto in her corner, Roberto Da Costa is making his own moves. Abigail Brand of S.W.O.R.D. has other plans to influence Arakko, with an unstable Vulcan on her side and Cable keeping his own secrets! And what of the ruthless Tarn the Uncaring, who now sits on the planet’s ruling council? As machinations and revelations rock the red planet, the clock ticks down to interstellar war – and judgment day is coming. It’s a new world full of intrigue, and someone has to fight for it! Collecting X-MEN RED (2022) #1-5.

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