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How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? Series

Maam and Yabako Sandrovich
How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift? Vol. 15 by Yabako Sandrovich
Coming soon (08-13-24)

How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift? Vol. 15

Book 15
Paperback $12.99

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? Series : Titles in Order

Book 16

While experimenting with next-generation VR, Hibiki and her friends get transported to a fantasy world! Luckily their strength training makes them worthy opponents against deadly monsters and dangerous dungeons, but if they can’t find a way out, they’ll be stuck there forever!
Book 15

When Hibiki decides to get serious about sculpting her body, she turns to the Spartan guidance of Kure Yakusha, Utsunomiya Koharu, and Machio Naruzou. Can she withstand their punishing workouts? Plus, lots of new exercises including yoga, pole dancing, and ways to slim down your face!
Book 14

Hibiki and Ayaka get blown away by the power of Machio’s muscles and slip into a time warp that lands them back in the past–and in a warzone! When the two meet Imagawa Yoshimoto on the battlefield, they decide to retrain his soldiers to ensure victory!
Book 13

After getting involved in a turf war, Hibiki gets drafted by delinquents and ends up participating in a fierce battle against a bunch of big, tough ladies! Is she out of her mind, or just out of her league? Plus, tons of new workout routines that will strengthen your body from your core to your fingertips!
Book 12

Muscle-obsessed Akemi comes up with the idea of forming a strength training club at school. Hibiki and the others join in, and the girls turn the school’s old gymnasium into the club’s base. But the club is no cake walk, as everyone challenges themselves to intense workouts they can’t do at the gym!
Book 11

Hibiki and the girls enter a basketball tournament as a team, but Eimi and Hibiki suck at basketball! Everyone decides to start a special training program to improve their court skills…but can they see it to the end, or will they drop the ball?
Book 10
The manga that inspired the summer 2019 anime: a series about beautiful girls getting buff!

Hibiki and Satomi are entering a fat-loss contest! As Machio points out, however, running alone won’t cut it. What will they do to get lean? Follow their fat-loss journey and learn how to get lean even when you can’t go outside!
Book 9

While in Kyoto, Hibiki and her friends get into all sorts of battles: an eating contest, card games, and literal fights! Through their trials and tribulations, they learn that training and eating for a fit body can happen anywhere, anytime—even on a school trip!
Book 8

The summer sweatfest is over, but the Silverman gym-goers aren’t letting the change of season slow down their fitness journeys! Whether it’s at the arcade, the movie theatre, or even drinking alone at home, it’s a body-sculpting bonanza! However, when the girls take a school trip, the fall fitness vibes take a spooky twist. Just who is the beautiful but mysterious woman awaiting them in Kyoto?!
Book 7

Just like her muscles, Hibiki’s feelings for Machio-san are growing! Now, she must make a huge decision that could affect her whole future! With a test of courage, a festival, and TV appearances coming up, the gym gang are in for a thrilling summer bulging with opportunities to get ripped!
Book 6
MT. MUSCLE It’s time for a field trip in the mountains! But what starts out as a fun fitness adventure soon spins out of control when Hibiki, Tachibana, and Rumika get lost in the woods. Will they miss out on the BBQ lunch…or make it out alive?
Book 5
SHE’S A PUNCHING MACHINE! It’s time for a punching machine contest! Will the power of Hibiki’s punch reign supreme once again? Also, why the heck is Jason in prison?
Book 4
SWOLE IDOLS The girls’ quest for idol stardom continues—this time with a hidden talent show! What will happen when they capture the attention of a TV network with their talent for making gainz?
Book 3
MUSCLE OTAKU! Zina is thriving in her new life as a Russian exchange student in Japan! She loves anime, cosplay, and idols—but she’s not just a fan. She wants to be an idol, too! Can she convince her new friends to form a muscle-building idol group?!

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