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Mushoku Tensei: Roxy Gets Serious Series

Rifujin Na Magonote and Shoko Iwami
Mushoku Tensei: Roxy Gets Serious Vol. 11 by Rifujin Na Magonote
Coming soon (04-30-24)

Mushoku Tensei: Roxy Gets Serious Vol. 11

Book 11
Paperback $12.99

Mushoku Tensei: Roxy Gets Serious Series : Titles in Order

Book 12

After years full of adventure and uncertainty, the days Roxy spent with the Greyrat family have healed her troubled soul and helped her grow. Some time has passed since she started tutoring young Rudeus, and just when the people of Buena Village are finally starting to accept her, Roxy realizes she doesn’t have much left to teach. The day of Rudeus’s graduation exam is fast approaching!

The final volume!
Book 11

After graduating from the Ranoa University of Magic, Roxy moves from one place to another in search of work. It’s not easy for a demon to find a job in human territory, and it’s even harder for one who looks as young as Roxy does. Just when her traveling funds start to run out, she finds a request for a new tutor for the son of a knight in Buena Village…and departs for her fated meeting with the young Rudeus Greyrat!
Book 10

Roxy dreams of mastering Saint-Level magic–truly powerful spells that will earn her the right to graduate from the Ranoa University of Magic. To get the materials she needs, she’s teamed up with her free-spirited roommate Lene for a perilous dungeon dive. At first glance, Lene seems boundlessly confident, but her bright exterior conceals hidden flaws and insecurities. And even if Roxy manages to graduate, will the world ever truly accept a demon like her?
Book 9

As her fifth year of study at the University of Magic begins, Roxy, Lanletta, and Fu part ways on their own separate paths. Now Roxy is apprenticed under Professor Genus Halphas, a standoffish fellow with nearly unmatched powers over water. The hazing from her new classmates is bad enough, but Roxy’s also saddled with a new roommate–an obnoxious, tough-as-nails beast-girl with a ridiculous number of admirers! Is Saint-level magic really worth all this?
Book 8

The seasons have turned at the University of Magic, and the cold of winter sees Roxy shivering in her boots. Her old, trail-worn coat simply isn’t up to keeping her warm, but luckily, her friends Fu and Lanletta just so happen to both be the children of prosperous merchants. Between the two of them, they’ll get Roxy sorted out, even if she’s too dense to notice just how hard Fu’s crushing on her. Meanwhile, the holier-than-thou contempt of a human student falls upon the demon-blooded Roxy in full force. Healing magic is normally forbidden to demons, and the two of them soon take each other on in a contest to see who can master it fastest!
Book 7

After being falsely accused of stealing books from the University of Magic, Roxy used all her wit and skill to uncover the real culprit. Yet after seeing justice done, something about the circumstances of the case leaves her feeling guilty and uncertain. Her friend Lanletta does her best to cheer Roxy up, but Lanletta isn’t without her own problems. Resolved to make at least one person’s life better, Roxy decides to find out why Lanletta suddenly lost the ability to use magic, and save her from the threat of expulsion.
Book 6

Now that she’s all settled in at the Ranoa University of Magic, Roxy dives headfirst into her studies. When one of the library’s tomes goes missing, Roxy takes it upon herself to track down a replacement copy. Unfortunately, the replacement book winds up being stolen merchandise, and Roxy gets thrown into jail under suspicion of grand theft spell-tome! With a false accusation hanging over her head, can Roxy and friends clear her good name and track down the real book thief?
Book 5
MAGIC SCHOOL’S IN SESSION With her old teacher’s letter of introduction in hand, Roxy enrolls at the legendary Ranoa University of Magic. It’s a whole lot of firsts: Her first time in school! Her first time in a dorm! All of it’s exciting, but there’s a small problem. Roxy doesn’t exactly have a lot of money left. Her roommate Lanletta seems all too willing to help by forking over heaps of cash, but Roxy can’t help but find this generosity just a little bit suspicious…
Book 4
THE PRICE OF A SINGLE LIFE Roxy continues her journey through the Central Continent with a quirky troubadour by her side, but confronts a harsh reality while saving a family from bandits: it’s sometimes necessary to kill to save others. Can Roxy overcome this crisis of confidence? And if she does make it all the way to the Kingdom of Asura, what will her old magic teacher think of her?
Book 3
DEMON DAYS IN THE HOLY CITY The humans of Millishion fear and distrust demonkin like Roxy–bad news for an adventurer hard up for work! Thankfully, after a chance meeting with another of her own kind, Roxy’s made some new connections. One of them is a mysterious, handsome magician… Could this be the beginnings of true love?!
Book 2
THE ADVENTURING LIFE Roxy and the rest of her party set out from Rikarisu in search of their grandest adventure yet. Dale dreams of unearthing the secrets within an uncharted labyrinth, but in a life of sword and sorcery, things rarely go as planned. Instead, Roxy’s path takes an unexpected turn…and soon, the Guild hires her for a secret, undercover mission!
Book 1
A spin-off manga to the Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation light novels, manga, and anime! Roxy’s life is a lonely one–out of all her tribe, she’s the only one without the power of telepathy. Her days pass in silence, while people speak words she can never hear. But when she saves the life of a wandering witch, Roxy gets the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to study as a magician’s apprentice, and leave her strange home behind! Don’t miss this brand-new tale in the Mushoku Tensei universe: the journey of Roxy, fated to be a star among magicians!

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