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The Spanish Bit Saga Series

Don Coldsmith
The Medicine Knife by Don Coldsmith
The Traveler by Don Coldsmith

The Spanish Bit Saga Series : Titles in Order

Book 12
The Elk-Dog People have two new members, former soldiers in the French Army. Fully assimilated into the tribe, they travel to Santa Fe to help the group trade pelts. But soon trouble starts, and the new tribesmen must defend their people. Don Coldsmith’s detailed description of the Elk-Dog People and the harrowing journey to Santa Fe show why he is one of the best authors in western-adventure fiction.
Book 2
A triumphant saga of one brave man’s quest for survival in the vast wilderness of the Great Plains

In childhood his name was Woodpecker.  Now he is the Storyteller, weaving long-ago tales and trading as he traverses the lands of the People. Married to the beautiful Plum Leaf, the Storyteller sets out on the great adventure that will be his own life.  He witnesses the changes the white men have brought—the taking of scalps, the preying of brother upon brother, the knives made of shiny, smooth metal.  He journeys far and wide, to the land of the buffalo and to the heart of an enchanting young captive named Pale Star, who will be his shinning light and destiny in the dark days ahead.  He is known by many names to those he meets in the wilderness:  Storyteller, trader, Traveler—and one day he will become a legend as the half-man, half-spirit called the Watcher.

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