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The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Series

Hitsuji Yamada and Hitsuzi Yamada
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Vol. 8 by Hitsuzi Yamada
Available on (09-24-24)

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Vol. 8

Book 8
Paperback $13.99

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Series : Titles in Order

Book 8

Two trespassers disturb the tranquility of Saku’s home…wait, it’s Mom and Dad?! Dad came up to the city for his work as a shogi teacher and Mom came to meet Yukichi. Now, Saku is at the mercy of these two visitors staying over. In the midst of this chaos at the Fukuzawa house, it’s Yukichi who ends up mending the relationship between Saku and her mom!
Book 7

Remember that little kitten that Yukichi and Yume found? Well, after his loving family adopted him and named him Dia-chan, he went viral on social media, and now he’s famous! He’s making appearances on TV and even has his own photobook. However, Yukichi totally forgot to inform Yume about this, so he’s going to have the nice old lady next door tell her about what happened with Dia-chan!
Book 6

Nishina is a part-timer at the supermarket near Saku and Yukichi and has run into them a few times. One day, she faints from overwork and lack of sleep. When Saku takes her to home to rest, it turns out that Nishina’s home is a total mess–almost as bad as Saku’s place before she took in Yukichi! Saku can’t bear to leave Nishina in these conditions, which means it’s time to call in the one and only masterful cat, Yukichi!!
Book 5

Saku is looking forward to spending her New Year’s holiday vegging out and eating Yukichi’s delicious home cooking, but that plan goes out the window when her mom calls, demanding that Saku come visit! Saku doesn’t want to leave Yukichi home alone, so she decides to bring him with her! But how will she hide her giant cat from her parents?!
Book 4

To everyone in her office, Saku looks like she’s got a perfect handle on things. What they don’t know is that she’s actually a disorganized slob, and only looks put together thanks to her masterful cat, Yukichi! With Christmas coming up, Saku wants to get Yukichi something special to thank him for all he does for her. Will she be able to find a present that’s as unique as he is?!
Book 3

Saku’s been able to skip the biennial company retreat every time so far, but not this year! While she’s out, her cat Yukichi will be watching the house, of course, but how long can Saku go without Yukichi’s meals and warmth? And while Yukichi appears nonchalant about sending Saku off, how does he actually feel? The messy office worker and skillful cat are spending their first night apart, and boy, are they in for a long one!
Book 2

Saku’s boss’s niece, Yume-chan, is having a birthday bash and Saku and Yukichi are invited! They can’t exactly parade a giant, bipedal cat out in public, but they also don’t want to disappoint Yume-chan. How will they get themselves out of this pickle?! There’s never a shortage of chaos and confusion in the Fukuzawa household, but at the end of the day, this messy office worker and skillful cat make it work!
Book 1
A sweetly comedic manga about a cat who cooks, cleans, and succeeds at adulting more than the woman who expected him to be a pet–and don’t miss the anime!

Saku is an ordinary young woman who works long hours and lives alone with her cat, Yukichi. Yukichi, however, is not an ordinary house cat. For one, the temperamental feline towers over Saku and walks around on two legs. Instead of playing with toy mice, he scours supermarket flyers for good deals and keeps the house spotless. With a pet like that, it’s hard to tell who’s taking care of who!

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