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Beatrice Bly’s Rules for Spies Series

Sue Fliess and Beth Mills
A spy-in-training uses her best sleuthing skills to solve mysteries at school, home, or wherever they may pop up.
Beatrice Bly's Rules for Spies 2: Mystery Goo by Sue Fliess
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Beatrice Bly’s Rules for Spies 2: Mystery Goo

Book 2
Hardcover $17.99

Beatrice Bly’s Rules for Spies Series : Titles in Order

Book 2
Young spy-in-training Beatrice Bly finds herself in a sticky mess when her latest case pulls her attention away from planning for the science fair.

After using her keen observation skills to locate the missing class hamster, Beatrice Bly is eager for a new case, and when a sticky mystery goo shows up on her desk, she’s ready. What is it? Where did it come from? Beatrice is entirely focused on finding out.
Except that Beatrice is supposed to be figuring out a science fair project with her best friend Nora.
Can scientific investigation combine with spy technique to solve both problems?
Spy-in-training Beatrice Bly returns in the second book in the Beatrice Bly’s Rules for Spies series, using problem solving, deduction, and STEAM skills in an exciting, fun way. Young sleuths will be eager to get in on the action.
Book 1
A young spy in training has to put her sneaky skills to the test when the class pet goes missing in this picture book series starter perfect for readers who love the excitement and intrigue of Tara Lazar’s 7 Ate 9 and Josh Funk’s Mission Defrostable.

Beatrice Bly isn’t just a spy.

She’s a super spy.

She knows all the rules.

She sneaks. She observes.

She follows the clues to find the culprit.

But when the class hamster, Edgar, goes missing, will Beatrice’s spy training be enough to find out what happened?

Clever and determined, Beatrice Bly will win over young sleuths, teaching them problem solving and deduction skills as they scramble to figure out the case alongside her.

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