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The Tamuli Series

David Eddings
Domes of Fire by David Eddings
Shining Ones by David Eddings
Hidden City by David Eddings

The Tamuli Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Sparhawk’s epic quest comes to a riveting conclusion in Book Three of The Tamuli.

The Pandion Knight Sparhawk had bested the massed forces of the God Cyrgon upon the field of battle. But victory turned to ashes when the foul God’s minions kidnapped Sparhawk’s wife, the beautiful Queen Ehlana. Sparhawk must surrender Bhelliom, the awesome jewel of power—or Ehlana would die. 

But Cyrgon’s lackeys had misjudged their foe. Sparhawk fought on, and none of his companions flinched from the awesome struggle, though each must vanquish forces of evil from Tamuli’s dark past, and from fetid places beyond human ken.

Still, the full magnitude of their peril was yet to be revealed . . . Cyrgon had dared the unthinkable: He had called forth Kleal, Bhelliom’s opposite, to rend the very world asunder. Thus, as it had ever been decreed, would Bhelliom and Kleal contend for the fate of this world—even as the man Sparhawk must finally face the God Cyrgon, in mortal combat and alone . . .
Book 2
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Sparhawk’s legendary journey continues in Book Two of The Tamuli.

Years past, the Child-Goddess Aphrael had hidden Bhelliom, the Stone of Power. It rested at the very bottom of the deepest ocean, that nevermore should its awesome power sing temptation to mortal men.

Then a menace arose, a malign force wielding incomprehensible destruction across all the lands. To halt that force of evil, Sparhawk, knight and queen’s champion, set out to retrieve the sapphire rose from its briny sleep—even as his foes sought the gem for their own diabolical ends. Sparhawk and his loyal companions must find the Stone and safeguard it, both from those who sought to steal it and from the horrors those evildoers had already loosed upon the world.

The most feared of all the monsters that terrorized Tamuli were the Shining Ones: dreaded, glowing beings whose mere touch could melt human flesh from bone. All too soon, Sparhawk and his companions found themselves stalked by those fell creatures out of myth. For the Shining Ones, too, had designs on Bhelliom—designs that would change the very shape of the world. . . .
Book 1
The beloved Sparhawk undertakes a perilous new quest in the Tamuli series from New York Times bestselling author David Eddings.
Danger stalked Queen Ehlana’s realm. It began with peasants whispering that the bloody heroes of old would rise again. Soon outlaw bands were ravaging the hill country, while the Trolls disappeared from their icy northern haunts—and none could say where they had gone.

Then came an ambassador from the far-off Tamul empire, begging aid. Monsters, ancient warriors, and foul magics were tearing their empire apart. Sparhawk, Ehlana’s champion and Prince Consort, was the Emperor’s last hope, for surely the knight who had killed the evil God Azash could prevail against the terror in Tamuli.

Thus did Sparhawk and his Queen begin the perilous trek to the far-distant empire of the east. With them journeyed a handful of trusted companions: the stalwart champions of the four Militant Orders, the knight Berit, Mirtai the giantess, Princess Danae, and the young thief Talen.

At the journey’s end waited a glittering court seething with corruption, treachery—and the greatest danger Sparhawk would ever face!

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