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Tig and Lily Series

Dan Thompson
Party Animals (Tig and Lily Book 2) by Dan Thompson
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Party Animals (Tig and Lily Book 2)

Book 2
Hardcover $10.99

Tig and Lily Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
Join Tig, a house cat with tiger-sized dreams, and his best buddy and actual tiger Lily on a whimsical adventure to beat the bedtime scaries! This graphic novel is purr-fect for beginner readers transitioning to chapter books.

Tig is having bad dreams and he doesn’t like it! Lily isn’t sure how to help but their friends, Monkey and Elephant have an idea! They say the best way to not have bad dreams is TO HAVE NO DREAMS AT ALL BY NOT GOING TO BED!

With an upcoming zoo slumber party on the horizon Tig is ready to stay up all night long. Unfortunately the fun and games of staying up also mean…getting tired. Will our favorite tiger pals be able stay awake or are they doomed to snooze right back into dreamland?
Book 2
It is time to meet the rest of the zoo with the best party ever! This graphic chapter book series purr-fectly balances fun (feline!) friendship with social emotional learning!

Tig wants to throw a party! The zoo has so many amazing animals, and he hasn’t a chance to meet everyone yet! 

Lily is worried about meeting the rest of the zoo. What will they think of her? Will she be able to make new friends…or will everyone be scared of the giant tiger inviting them over for dinner?
Book 1
Lions, Tigers, and . . . a house cat?! Oh my! Life at the zoo gets complicated when a tiger finds out she as a new roommate. A purr-fect graphic chapter book series!

What makes a tiger, a tiger? Is it the stripes? The roar? This is something that Lily, the tiger at the local zoo, has never had to worry about — until she meets the fiercest animal of them all . . . her new roommate. Tig might look like a house cat, might sound like a house cat, but Tig knows he is a Tiger.

The competition is on as these two cats figure out what it means to be a Tiger . . . and a friend.

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