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Tawny Man Trilogy Series

Robin Hobb
Fool's Errand by Robin Hobb
Available on (04-16-24)

Fool’s Errand

Book 1
Paperback $20

Tawny Man Trilogy Series : Titles in Order

Book 3
“Complex . . . an atmosphere-filled adventure . . . with a fair quota of surprises . . . a winning combination of strong characters and colorful societies.”—Kirkus Reviews

In the final book in the Tawny Man Trilogy, Fitz and the Fool are tested more severely than ever in a book the Monroe News-Star calls “a breathtaking ride from beginning to end.”

FitzChivalry Farseer has become firmly ensconced in the queen’s court. Along with his mentor, Chade, and the simpleminded yet strongly skilled Thick, Fitz strives to aid Prince Dutiful on a quest that could secure peace with the Out Islands—and win Dutiful the hand of the Narcheska Elliania.

The Narcheska has set the prince an unfathomable task: to behead a dragon trapped in ice on the isle of Aslevjal. Yet not all the clans of the Out Islands support their effort. Are there darker forces at work behind Elliania’s demand? Knowing that the Fool has foretold he will die on the island of ice, Fitz plots to leave his dearest friend behind. But fate cannot so easily be defied.
Book 2
“As good as gold . . . Golden Fool proves again that Hobb is one of the best in the business.”—Monroe News-Star

Fitz and the Fool continue their quest as new challenges beset their land and threaten the ruling family in this “page-turning treat” (Romantic Times, four stars).

Prince Dutiful has been rescued from his Piebald kidnappers and the court has resumed its normal rhythms. There, FitzChivalry Farseer, gutted by the loss of his wolf bondmate, must take up residence at Buckkeep as a journeyman assassin.

Posing as a bodyguard, Fitz becomes the eyes and ears behind the walls, guiding a kingdom straying closer to civil strife each day. Amid a multitude of problems, Fitz must ensure that no one betrays the Prince’s secret: that he, like Fitz, possesses the dread “Beast Magic.” Only Fitz’s friendship with the Fool brings him solace. But even that is shattered when devastating revelations from the Fool’s past are exposed. Bereft of support and adrift in intrigue, Fitz finds that his biggest challenge may be simply to survive.
Book 1
“Hobb’s fans won’t be disappointed with this latest installment. Fool’s Errand lives up to the legacy of the Farseer trilogy.”—Monroe News-Star

Fitz and the Fool are reunited in the first book in the Tawny Man Trilogy—“a stay-up-until-2:00 a.m.-to-finish type of book” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

For fifteen years, FitzChivalry Farseer has lived in self-imposed exile, assumed to be dead by almost all who once cared about him. But now, into his isolated life, visitors begin to arrive: Fitz’s mentor from his assassin days; a hedge-witch who foresees the return of a long-lost love; and the Fool, the former White Prophet, who beckons Fitz to fulfill his destiny.

Then comes the summons he cannot ignore. Prince Dutiful, the young heir to the Farseer throne, has vanished. Fitz, possessed of magical skills both royal and profane, is the only one who can retrieve him in time for his betrothal ceremony, thus sparing the Six Duchies profound political embarrassment . . . or worse. But even Fitz does not suspect the web of treachery that awaits him—or how his loyalties will be tested to the breaking point.
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