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Staff Picks: Kathryn, Marketing

Web Who better to give book recommendations than the bookish experts? Penguin Random House employees are sharing their favorite reads every month. Browse below!   Kathryn, Marketing Coordinator  Kathryn can always be found with a book (or four) in her bag. She’s on a perpetual quest to find the best dumplings NYC has to offer, enjoys wearing every shade of black, and commutes to read on the subway.    

From the Editor’s Desk: Berkley executive editor Anne Sowards on The Great Library series by Rachel Caine

Editors get very passionate about books they work on – the Editor’s Desk series is his or her place to write in-depth about what makes a certain title special. Get the real inside-scoop on how books are shaped by the people who know them best. When I was young, the weekly trip to the library was the highlight of my existence. Probably because my greatest fear was running out of things to read! So I’ve always loved libraries and the access to books they offer to readers everywhere. I know there are a lot of you out there who agree. Now imagine a world where you can’t own books. Where knowledge is regulated and controlled. Where an all-powerful organization decides which discoveries and inventions we know about, and which are buried, never to see the light of day. This is the world of Rachel Caine’s Great Library series, and it’s by turns marvelous, fascinating, and utterly terrifying. When Rachel came to me with the idea for this Young Adult series, I was intrigued by this alternate world where the Great Library of Alexandria never fell—and now, through its control of knowledge, essentially rules the world. Through alchemy, the text of any book can be borrowed from the library and recreated on your own personal codex. But here’s the rub: how do you know if the Library has made any changes to that book? Or whether knowledge of something that might threaten the Library’s power has been suppressed? You don’t. You wouldn’t. And that’s why black market book smugglers, like Jess Brightwell and his family, exist. You see, some people HAVE to own books. Some are collectors, some desire knowledge, and some hunger for . . . well, I’ll let you find out about that for yourself. The Brightwell family business is dangerous, but more than that, Jess is troubled by what happens to some of the books they sell. Soon Jess’s father decides he would be better suited to entering the service of the Library—officially to train for a life as a Scholar, and unofficially, to spy. And the story’s just getting started! But I don’t want to spoil this utterly readable and engaging series for you. Ink and Bone and Paper and Fire are the ultimate “books about books”, a series for readers everywhere. A story that revolves around books and libraries, that blends alternate history with magic, adventure, and romance—about the power of knowledge and the power of friendship and love? Sign me up! Learn more about the books below!

What Literary Vacation Should You Take?

Whether you’re just daydreaming of traveling, or ready to jump on a flight, we’ve got just the dream destination for you.

Top 3 Ways to Celebrate National Readathon Day on May 21, 2016

The countdown is on! With just one week to go, have you decided what you will read on National Readathon Day, Saturday May 21?

A fundraising and social media awareness campaign dedicated to promoting children’s literacy and reading at any age, National Readathon Day is an opportunity to join with your favorite authors and fellow readers across the country by using the hashtag #Readathon2016 to share your love of books and reading. Last year, the first-ever National Readathon Day succeeded in raising $100,000 benefiting the National Book Foundation and their efforts to support literacy and to deliver books to underserved communities. This year, all funds raised will benefit the American Library Association’s Every Child Ready to Read initiative, which promotes literacy development in children from birth to age 5 through programs in public libraries nationwide.

Here are three ways you can get involved:

1. Join the conversation In the run-up to and during Readathon Day, use the hashtag #Readathon2016 to spread the word. Tell your friends how you plan to celebrate, or challenge them to see who can read more on the big day. Visit the Readathon Share page for shareable images, videos, and Gifs, and be sure to follow the hashtag to see how other readers like you will be celebrating and supporting childhood literacy.

2. Host or attend a Readathon Day party Need an excuse to gather together with friends and family? Host a Readathon Day Party! Visit the Readathon Day reading parties page for ideas on how to host a party and be sure to share pictures and videos of your party on social media. 3. Make a commitment to support early childhood literacy Visit the National Readathon Day fundraising page to make a contribution to support ALA’s childhood literacy programs throughout the country and encourage your audience to do the same by sharing on social media. We hope you will join us in supporting National Readathon Day and childhood literacy programs nationwide. Click here for more tips on what to read for #Readathon2016 and to sign up for emails. If you have questions, would like to host a Readathon Day event, or to become more involved please email the Readathon Team at Readathon@PenguinRandomHouse.com.

Happy reading!