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11 Fall Favorites from Vilma Iris

Blogger Vilma Iris provides a few favorite thrillers and action-packed reads she couldn’t put down! Find your next book to cozy up to below.
  1. 1

    A Discovery of Witches

    All Souls Trilogy is one of my favorite all-time series and one that holds a special place in my heart. Harkness deftly mixes magic and science, history and fiction in the riveting story of Diana Bishop (a scholar and witch) and Matthew Clairmont (a vampire geneticist). The trilogy begins when Diana discovers a long-lost alchemical manuscript, which triggers a series of unimaginable events. The series will be hitting TV screens everywhere soon, which makes reading these books an absolute must!”

    A Discovery of Witches Book Cover Picture
  2. 2

    The Bourbon Kings

    “Dynasty meets Downton Abbey in this sweeping, soap-opera-like drama. Southern opulence, closeted scandals, feuding families, dysfunctional romance, mysterious murders and a bourbon empire on the cusp of collapse… every book in this trilogy will keep you on the edge of your seat. We meet the Bradford-Baldwines, kings of Kentucky bourbon, who’ve more secrets behind their opulent doors than can be imagined. J.R. Ward can really do no wrong….”

    The Bourbon Kings Book Cover Picture
  3. 3


    “A talented hacker gets pulled into a dangerous game, swept into a world of illusions where a sinister plot is afoot. Marie Lu, author of The Young Elites trilogy, draws us into Warcross, an immersive game played by nearly everyone, where championship teams battle in endless virtual worlds. This adrenaline-fueled series starter moves quickly with its unrelenting thrills and high-stakes romance. Lu, once a video game designer herself, uses her background skillfully, bringing to life a world sparkling with cinematic detail. This is one of the most exciting books I’ve read this year.”

    Warcross Book Cover Picture
  4. 4

    Flame in the Mist

    “On the heels of the beautifully written (and personal favorite) The Wrath and the Dawn series, Ahdieh returns with the first in a new series. Vibrant and action packed, this historical fantasy unfurls in Fuedal Japan. We meet 17-year-old Mariko, who is bethrothed to the son of the emperor. However, on her way to the city for her wedding, their convoy is ambushed. She narrowly escapes death and hatches a plan to infiltrate the Black Clan—the ruthless bandits hired to kill her. But of course, she’ll learn many a truth and secret that will change everything.”

    Flame in the Mist Book Cover Picture
  5. 5

    A Torch Against the Night

    “In An Ember in the Ashes series, Tahir creates a story set in ancient Rome that’s relentlessly tense, suspenseful and addictive. The world to which we’re introduced is brutal—defiance against the Empire means certain death. When Laia’s older brother is arrested for treason, she decides to become a spy for the rebels in exchange for help in saving her brother. Laia infiltrates a military academy run by the merciless Commandant, and it’s there she meet Elias, the academy’s most talented soldier. Soon enough however, things get way more complicated and she finds her fate tied to that of Elias, as they work to bring down the Empire. Two books of this quartet are available now, and the third, A Reaper at the Gates, is coming next April.”

    A Torch Against the Night Book Cover Picture
  6. 6


    “There’s nothing quite like the Fever series. Insanely addictive, Moning introduces us to a dark and twisted underworld rife with vampires, Fae, monsters and ancient secrets and artifacts with the power to unmake the world. We first meet MacKayla Lane, who flies to Ireland in search of the real truth behind her sister’s murder. There she meets the ultimate alpha, Jericho Barrons (and his mysterious crew), befriends a spirited young girl named Dani and embarks on a long journey to capture a very powerful book that holds the fate of both worlds betwixt its pages. There are ten books in the series; the first five complete one arc of the story, the next four another, and the upcoming, highly anticipated High Voltage, begins a new one in this must-read, pulse-pounding saga.”

    Darkfever Book Cover Picture
  7. 7

    Eeny Meeny

    “The Helen Grace series is an all-time fave, I love it so much. Tautly written with lots of heart, Arlidge delivers big-time tension and thrills as Detective Helen Grace cracks case after case. I love that every book is fast-paced—they can only be read at devouring speed. Arldidge also holds no punches with the crimes to which we’re introduced, and the central hero, Helen, is as complex as the cases she works to solve. In this first book, the premise is chilling: Two people are abducted, imprisoned, and left with a gun. As hunger and thirst set in, only one walks away alive. The sixth book in the series, Hide and Seek, is out October and is perhaps my favorite to date.”

    Eeny Meeny Book Cover Picture
  8. 8

    Dark Matter

    “I love everything Crouch writes and this book has been my favorite of his repertoire. Unrelenting tension and suspense, Dark Matter tells us what happened to physicist Jason Dessen when a masked abductor knocks him unconscious. He wakes up in a world he does not know. His wife is not his wife and his son was never born. In this world, he’s managed to do the impossible and he’s living the kind of life he so desired at some point in his life. But things get darker, crazier, dangerous and he must figure out a way to get back home. Brilliantly plotted and both sweeping and intimate, this sci-fi thriller is one everybody will enjoy.”

    Dark Matter Book Cover Picture
  9. 9

    The Snowman

    “The creepiest, scariest, most chilling novel in the Harry Hole series, and my personal favorite. Detective Harry Hole tracks down a Norwegian serial killer whose calling card is a snowman. The story opens when a young boy discovers his mom has disappeared, the only trace is a scarf that’s worn around a snowman he can see through the window. The case gets darker and more twisted as patterns emerge and things get personal for Harry. While this is a part of the series, the book can be read as a standalone. And in even more exciting news, the book has been adapted into a film starring Michael Fassbender… but I urge you… read the book first!”

    The Snowman Book Cover Picture
  10. 10

    “When this book came out, I couldn’t rave about it enough. It is whip-smart and riveting the whole way through, brimming with secrets, lies and manipulation. The story unwinds from the perspectives of two women—Emma and Jane—each of whom lived at One Folgate Street. The home was designed by a enigmatic architect obsessed with perfection and technology. But then Jane—the latest tenant—discovers that Emma was tragically killed while living there. And as she digs into the circumstances of her death, she unearths troubling secrets and lies. What’s worse is that Jane is making all the same choices Emma made… choices that could have led to her death. And again, this novel will also be a movie directed by Ron Howard!”

     Book Cover Picture
  11. 11

    Right Behind You

    “I’m a long-time Lisa Gardner fan and I totally get why she’s hailed as the queen of psychological suspense. With razor-sharp writing, impressive procedurals, clever twists and a story you can’t help but feel emotionally invested in, she delivers a gut-punching page turner with Right Behind You. The novel features fan favorites Quincy and Rainie, retired FBI profiler couple, and a case that hits hard and close to home. Their lives begin to unravel after a double murder at a local gas station. Shortly after, further evidence suggests they’re dealing with a spree killer… one who appears to be the older brother to Quincy and Rainie’s soon-to-be-adopted daughter, Sharlah. But as Quincy and Rainie investigate there’s a lot more than meets the eye as more truths surface along the way.”

    Right Behind You Book Cover Picture

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