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Mark Breier


About the Author

When it comes to thriving in the dot-com universe, Mark Breier has few peers. His experience building two of the Web’s top ten sites — Beyond.com and Amazon.com — as well as two leading bricks-and-mortar retailers — Dreyer’s Grand/Edy’s Grand Ice Cream and Kraft Foods — means that Mark understands the business from both sides of the digital divide. Currently, Mark is one of Silicon Valley’s hottest e-commerce consultants. To learn more, visit Mark at www.10secondmanager.com.

Mark’s coauthor, ARMIN A. BROTT, is an M.B.A. with a somewhat unusual résumé. An ex-commodities trader (and ex-Marine), he is the author of several best-selling books. He lives in Berkeley, California, with his two children.

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