The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook

Paperback $18.00

Apr 11, 2017 | 288 Pages

Ebook $12.99

Apr 11, 2017 | 288 Pages

  • Paperback $18.00

    Apr 11, 2017 | 288 Pages

  • Ebook $12.99

    Apr 11, 2017 | 288 Pages

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“Long a leader in IBS and low FODMAP education, Patsy Catsos dives deeper than ever before in this book, with up-to-date medical insight and real world strategies.  This is an invaluable resource for my IBS patients.” —Miechelle O’Brien, MD, PhD, co-Founder TrueSelf Foods (Low-FODMAP Foods Made Easy)

“Dietary triggers are the most notorious provocateurs of IBS symptoms. The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook by Patsy Catsos, a leading nutritionist and FODMAP expert, is a must-have survival guide. Her delightful book is an authoritative but user-friendly resource of how to use the right food as powerful medicine for IBS.” —Gerard E. Mullin, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and author of The Gut Balance Revolution, The Good Gut Guide and The Inside Tract

“Whether you’re a health care professional or a consumer trying to filter through the flood of information on IBS, you definitely want to pick up a copy of The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook. Patsy does a wonderful job getting right down to exactly what you need to know to get your IBS symptoms under control with a nutritious and varied diet that is manageable and gets results…. Beautifully referenced with a scientific based bibliography, you will find yourself coming back to this gem of a resource over and over!” —Dr. Sheila Dean, DSc, RDN, CCN, CDE, IFMCP, Integrative & Functional Nutrition Academy, Co-Founder

“As a digestive health dietitian and IBS expert, I can attest to the low FODMAP diet as an effective nutrition solution for the majority of those who suffer with IBS. The low FODMAP diet can truly be a life changer!  Patsy Catsos unravels the complexities of the low FODMAP diet for the reader providing all the details of the low FODMAP elimination and re-introduction diet in this comprehensive guide.  The Q and A format that Ms. Catsos provides throughout the book will answer all the reader’s burning questions and more.”
Kate Scarlata, RDN, New York Times Bestselling Author and IBS Expert

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