Get to know Blue Rider Press and Plume!

About Blue Rider Press and Plume: Blue Rider Press was launched in January 2011 and publishes an eclectic mix of hardcover fiction and nonfiction titles, reflecting President and Publisher David Rosenthal’s wide range of interests, including suspense fiction, popular biography, literary novels, humor, music, and contemporary politics. Plume was founded in 1970 and is today recognized as one of the pre-eminent trade paperback imprints, publishing a range of emerging voices in both fiction and nonfiction, with an extensive backlist. In January 2015, the editorial and marketing leadership for Blue Rider and Plume was unified under one group. Our content: We publish a range of authors including musicians (Neil Young, Elvis Costello), journalists (Mark Leibovich), humorists (Ben Schott, Annabelle Gurwich, Chris Cerf and Henry Beard), sports figures (Stuart Scott, Mike Tyson), political figures (Gary Hart, James Carville, Mary Matalin), TV personalities (James Cramer, Bill Maher) as well as commercial fiction (David Mark, MA Lawson), literary writers (Leanne Shapton, Marisa Silver, Stephen Dobyns) and artists (Extreme Coloring). IMG_5031 We love working with our authors to explore digital platforms and help readers connect with the books they love. Fashion maven Amanda Brooks shared behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram while writing Always Pack A Party Dress, and Mamrie Hart kept her YouTube followers updated on You Deserve A Drink throughout publication. Jewel has already starting tweeting about her upcoming memoir Never Broken, and we created a Tumblr for Anna North’s novel The Life and Death of Sophie Stark updated with exclusive content and updates during her book launch. What it’s like to work at Blue Rider/Plume: There’s no such thing as a “typical” Blue Rider Press author. We publish authors with a wide range of backgrounds—from household names (like Neil Young!) to first-time novelists. One of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on, The Knife by Ross Ritchell, was one such debut. It is a fantastic novel that I was personally a huge fan of—and it was amazing to see the literary community rally behind it as well, reviewers and readers alike. When the Chicago Tribune called The Knife a “literary masterpiece,” it was music to my ears! –Wesley Salazar, Marketing Coordinator My favorite part of working at Blue Rider is the variety of books. In recent months, I’ve worked on illustrated short stories, a music memoir, a literary novel, and a collection of humor essays – with such a range of titles, every one of my campaigns is unique. It’s an exciting, fun, and creative place to work, with some of the best authors and colleagues around! – Eliza Rosenberry, Senior Publicist You know what’s invigorating? Saying yes. Yes to mold-breaking, yes to new ideas, yes to beauty, yes to boldness. Blue Rider/Plume looks for books that derive energy from the friction between the expected and the unexpected. – Becky Cole, Senior Editor Learn more about Blue Rider Press and Plume!

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