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Brianna Caplan Sayres

Photo of Brianna Caplan Sayres

Photo: © Sandra Nissen

About the Author

Brianna Caplan Sayres used to tell her second graders, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a writer.” “But you are grown up, Mrs. Sayres,” her students would protest. Well, Brianna is still not quite sure she’s grown up, but she has grown into a writer. Brianna’s picture books include, Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?, and Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at Night?, illustrated by Christian Slade, and Tiara Saurus Rex, illustrated by Mike Boldt. Can you guess what the next “sleep” book will be? If you said, Where Do Jet Planes Sleep at Night? (coming May 2017), you were right! 

Brianna has recently returned to her hometown, Seattle, Washington, where she and her husband are kept busy by their two wonderful boys. You can visit Brianna on the web at or

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