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The Mirror Maker by Primo Levi

The Mirror Maker

Best Seller
The Mirror Maker by Primo Levi
Sep 19, 1990 | ISBN 9780805209891
  • Paperback $15.00

    Sep 19, 1990 | ISBN 9780805209891

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“There are writers, a few of them, who stir an immediate personal response. For me, the Italian-Jewish memoirist and novelist Primo Levi is such a writer . . . He is a writer of integrity, seriousness, and charm.”
—Irving Howe
“Levi’s fascination with life guarantees touches of optimism in both the essays and the stories . . . Here, his range is flawlessly represented by Raymond Resenthal’s translation.”
The New York Times Book Review
“Bristling with finesse and intelligence. The reader . . . will instantly recognize the qualities for which this cultivated, intensely humane Italian writer has been widely praised.”
San Francisco Chronicle

Table Of Contents

Preface by Lorenzo Mondo

To My Friends

The Thaw
The Interview
They Were Made To Be Together
The Great Mutation
The Two Flags
Five Intimate Interviews
The Mirror Maker
Through the Walls
The Ant’s Wedding
Force Majeure
A Mystery of the Lager
Time Checkmated
The Tommy-Gun under the Bed

A Valley
The Commander of Auschwitz
The Moon and the Man
Our Dreams
The Struggle of Life
Spears Become Shields
Translating Kafka
Rhyming on the Counterattack
Dear Horace
Bacteria Roulette
Among the Peaks of Manhattan
The Wine of the Borgias
Reproducing Miracles
The Man Who Flies
About Gossip
Jack London’s Buck
Adam’s Clay
The Spider’s Secret
The Dispute among German Historians
Defiance in the Ghetto
Hatching the Cobra

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