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That Sweet Enemy by Robert Tombs and Isabelle Tombs
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That Sweet Enemy

Best Seller
That Sweet Enemy by Robert Tombs and Isabelle Tombs
Paperback $24.00
Jan 08, 2008 | ISBN 9781400032396

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  • $24.00

    Jan 08, 2008 | ISBN 9781400032396

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  • Jun 17, 2009 | ISBN 9780307547989

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“Magnificent. . . . An important interpretation of one of Europe’s defining relationships and a rollicking, eventful cultural tour.” —The Washington Post Book World “A remarkably inventive, stylish, and audacious work. . . . One of the most engaging and invigorating works of international history I’ve read in years.” —Benjamin Schwarz, The Atlantic Monthly“Grand and luminously detailed.” —The New York Review of Books“It took two people, one English and the other French, to write a book as compendious and unbiased as [That Sweet Enemy]. And it didn’t hurt that each seems to have an excellent sense of humor.”—Los Angeles Times

Table Of Contents

List of Illustrations
List of Maps
List of Figures


Chapter 1: Britain Joins Europe
The Sun King
William of Orange
Exiles: Huguenots and Jacobites
Britain at the Heart of Europe, 1688–1748
Malbrouck s’en va-t-en guerre
Fontenoy, May 11, 1745
France and the Young Chevalier, 1744–46
The End of the Beginning
On His Most Christian Majesty’s Service
Money: Waging War with Gold
Britain: “Breaking windows with guineas”
Blowing Bubbles
France: The Insolvent Landlord

Chapter 2: Thinking, Pleasing, Seeing
Portraying the Other: Rapin and Hamilton
Voyages of Intellectual Discovery
Travellers’ Tales
Le Blanc’s England
Mrs. Thrale and Madame Du Bocage
Fashionable Feelings: The Age of Pamela and Julie
The Sincerest Form of Flattery
The Other Pamela
Love, Hate and Ambivalence
Drawing a Lesson
Garrick’s French Dancers
The French and Shakespeare: The Age of Voltaire

Chapter 3: The Sceptre of the World
Sugar and Slaves
The Wealth of the Indies
“A few acres of snow”
The Seven Years War, 1756–63
Perfidious Albion
Encouraging the Others
Pitt and Choiseul
Years of Victory, 1757–63
Dead Heroes
Taking Possession of the Globe
Language: The Challenge to French Ascendancy

Chapter 4: The Revenger’s Tragedy
Choiseul Plans Revenge
Taking the Great out of Britain: The Second War for America, 1776–83
Enter Figaro
Revolutionary Aristocrats
Saving Captain Asgill
The Biter Bit, 1783–90
Cricket: The Tour of ’89

Chapter 5: Ideas and Bayonets
Blissful Dawn
Reflecting on Revolution
Cannibals and Heroes
Jour de Gloire
Exiles: The Revolution
Internal Injuries
From Unwinnable War to Uneasy Peace
The First Kiss This Ten Years!
Culture Wars

Chapter 6: Changing the Face of the World
Napoleonic Visions
Earth’s Best Hopes? British Resistance, 1803–5
No Common War
Relics of What Might Have Been
The Whale and the Elephant
The Continental System versus the Cavalry of St. George
From the Tagus to the Berezina, 1807–12
Invasion, 1813–14
Le Cimetière des Anglais
The End of the Hundred Years War, 1815
Echoes of Waterloo

Part I: Conclusions and Disagreements
The Economy
The World
Interlude: The View from St. Helena


Chapter 7: Plucking the Fruits of Peace
Our Friends the Enemy
The British in Paris
Fast Food à l’anglaise
Pau: Britain in Béarn
Romantic Encounters
The French and Shakespeare: The Romantics
King Cotton, Queen Silk
Navvies and “Knobsticks”
Fog and Misery
Ally or “Anti-France”?

Chapter 8: The War That Never Was
A Beautiful Dream: The First Entente Cordiale, 1841–46
“God bless the narrow sea”: From Revolution to Empire, 1848–52
The Prince-President’s First Lady
Exiles: Hugo and the Stormy Voices of France
“Such a faithful ally,” 1853–66
Comrades in Arms
Brumagem Bombs for Bonaparte
Tales of Two Cities
Englishness in Paris: The Dressmaker and the Whore
London through French Eyes
Spectators of Disaster, 1870–71
Exiles: After the “Terrible Year”

Chapter 9: Decadence and Regeneration
Into the Abysm
Pilgrims of Pleasure: The Prince of Wales and Oscar Wilde
Depravity and Corruption
Regeneration: Power and Empire
The Tunnel: False Dawn
Education, Education, Education
Putting Colour into French Cheeks
Food and Civilization
On the Brink, 1898–1902
Exiles: Oscar Wilde and Émile Zola
magining the Enemy
Back from the Brink: Towards a New Entente Cordiale, 1902–4
“Vive Notre Bon Édouard!”

Part II: Conclusions and Disagreements
Interlude: Perceptions
Origins: Race, Land, Climate
Religion, Immorality and Perfidy
Nature versus Civilization
Masculinity and Femininity
Materialism, Exploitation and Greed


Chapter 10: The War to End Wars

From Entente to Alliance, 1904–14
The British and the Defence of France, 1914
Les Tommy and the French
“Bene and Hot”
“Le Foot”
Stalemate and Slaughter, 1915–17
The Road to Pyrrhic Victory, 1918

Chapter 11: Losing the Peace
Paris and Versailles, 1918–19: A Tragedy of Disappointment
Clemenceau, a Disillusioned Anglophile
The Political Consequences of Mr. Keynes
Estrangement, 1919–25
The Tunnel: Bowing to Providence
Mixed Feelings, 1919–39
From Englishman in Paris to Frenchman in Hollywood
Towards the Dark Gulf, 1929–39

Chapter 12: Finest Hours, Darkest Years
The “Phoney War,” September 1939–May 1940
The Real Disaster, May–June 1940
Dunkirk and the French, May 26–June 4
“No Longer Two Nations”: June 16, 1940
Mers el-Kébir
Churchill and de Gaulle
Bearing the Cross of Lorraine
Feeding the Flame
Liberation, 1943–44

Part III: Conclusions and Disagreements
Between the Wars
The Second World War
Interlude: The French and Shakespeare: The Other French Revolution


Chapter 13: Losing Empires, Seeking Roles

European Visions, 1945–55
Imperial Debacle, 1956
European Revenge, 1958–79
Higher, Faster, Dearer: The Concorde Complex
Satisfactions of Grandeur and Pleasures of Decline
Je t’aime, moi non plus

Chapter 14: Ever Closer Disunion
A French or British Europe? Napoleon versus Adam Smith
France and the Falklands War
Thatcher and the Revolution, 1989
So Near and Yet So Far
The Tunnel: Breakthrough
Language: Voting with Your Tongue
Size Matters
The Non-Identical Twins
Europe’s Warrior Nations
Bangs and Bucks
Desperate to Be Friends: Celebrating the Entente Cordiale, 1904–2004
2005: Déjà Vu All Over Again

Part IV: Conclusions and Disagreements
Picking Up the Threads


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