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Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word

Best Seller
Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word by Debra Condren
Feb 12, 2008 | ISBN 9780767929080

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  • Feb 12, 2008 | ISBN 9780767929080

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Praise for Debra Condren and for Ambition is Not a Dirty Word:
Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word is a Recommended Book on (Originally published in hard cover under the title, amBITCHousLet’s Reclaim Ambition As a Virtue.)

“Irreverent, ferocious, funny, and wise! Any woman who has ever felt conflicted about feeling passionate about her work should read this book cover to cover.” —Barbara Corcoran, real estate magnate, national bestselling author, regular contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America and The View

“A defiant charge to women to ‘reclaim ambition as a virtue’… ‘Wouldn’t it be inspiring if you could acknowledge straight up, to yourself and to others, that you have big, wild and precious professional goals?’ Condren’s corrective manifesto urges women to pry apart the bars of ‘common self-imposed traps’ which cause ambitious women to ‘sell themselves short’… ” – The New York Times

“This is a book that every woman in her twenties, intent on climbing the ladder, must read. It’s your golden ticket (literally) to setting a precedent of success in the early years of your career.” –Hannah Seligson, author of New Girl on the Job: Advice from the Trenches

“Debra Condren’s book is something I wish I had twenty years ago. Having learned from my mistakes, being a person who self-sabotaged for many years, afraid of the A-word, life as a mother, a filmmaker, and an actor has made me come to terms with the word ambition. It’s okay and I’m proud of who I am today. Read this book so you can avoid the long road of self-sabotage and embrace ambition as a powerful virtue.” –Rosanna Arquette, actress

“This is an inspiring, empowering, and practical book. Give it to your friends, sisters, and aughters.” —Tanya Styblo Beder, CEO of Citigroup Alternative Investments’ multistrategy, proprietary hedge fund, Tribeca Global Management LLC
“Women don’t have to make a choice of ‘ambitious vs. happy—pick one only.’  …Debra Condren explains how women can break free from self-sabotaging behavior, and also be 100% ambitious with zero percent bitch factor.”—Karen Salmansohn, Best Selling Author, Ballsy: 99 Tips to Score Extreme Business Success

“Dr. Debra Condren is a dedicated advocate for empowering women to break traditional boundaries and achieve personal and professional success.” —Barbara Boxer, U.S. senator

“Positive in tone, loaded with strategies and solutions, this engaging book charts a compelling, clear, and accessible course for getting comfortable with passion for your work and transforming inner obstacles into success and power.” 
—Elizabeth Roberts, first vice president of Wealth Management, Smith Barney 

“Dr. Debra Condren has been a guiding light to many women business owners and young women in realizing their potential.” —Dianne Feinstein, U.S. senator

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