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Cemetery Girl Reader’s Guide

By David Bell

Cemetery Girl by David Bell


Questions for Discussion

1.   Do you understand why Tom wants to take Frosty to the pound?

2.   Do you think Abby is making the right decision by having a memorial service for Caitlin and attempting to move on with her life? Or do you think Tom is right to resist this step?

3.   Tom and his half brother, Buster, have a complicated relationship to say the least. Do you have someone in your life like Buster? A sibling or a friend?

4.   When Caitlin is discovered, she makes her father promise to never ask her where she’s been or what she’s been doing. Do you understand why Tom might be tempted to honor that request?

5.   When Caitlin comes home, Tom and Abby try to live in the same house again for Caitlin’s sake. Do you understand why they want to do this for their daughter?

6.   Abby’s interest in religion drives a wedge between her and Tom. Do you understand why Abby might turn to religion at this time in her life? What did you think of Pastor Chris?

7.   Tom finds comfort in talking to Susan, the volunteer victim advocate. What do you think Tom gets out of this relationship that he doesn’t get from talking to a psychologist?

8.   What do you think of Tom’s reaction to seeing Jasmine, the girl in the park? Does he do enough for her?

9.   Do you understand why Tom wants to confront John Colter, the man who kidnapped Caitlin? What do you think he’s hoping to get out of the confrontation?

10. Tom seems to contemplate giving Caitlin back to Colter in order to learn what happened during those four years. What do you think of his thought process?

11. Were you glad to see Caitlin reunited with Frosty?

12. What do you think Caitlin’s future looks like? How will she move on and recover from the events depicted in the book?

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