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Questions and Topics for Discussion


1. Justified or not, Demeter blames the sirens for the capture and rape of Persephone. How is this an echo of society’s propensity to hold women responsible for the exploitation of women?

2. From ancient times, young men have sought to become accepted, valued, and to prove their manhood by becoming warriors. Yet modern sensibilities are more ambivalent about war, naked aggression, and the role young men should play in our society. Discuss Zack’s exploitation.

3. Discuss the mystique of the anti-hero. In what ways is Kallistos a foil for Zack?

4. Talk about the parallel drawn between substance abuse and the inability of some vampires to control their bloodlust. One key difference is that vampires can’t abstain from drinking blood. What other similarities and differences can you identify?

5. How do you feel about having blood supplied through Emporiums: Is it a massive misuse of humans for profit? Or a brilliant solution to ensure a consistent, safe, and non-violent food source for vampires?

6. Who are the villains and who are the victims in terms of the organ-harvesting plot?

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