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The Price of Admiralty by John Keegan

The Price of Admiralty

Best Seller
The Price of Admiralty by John Keegan
Paperback $19.00
Feb 01, 1990 | ISBN 9780140096507

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  • Feb 01, 1990 | ISBN 9780140096507

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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Battle at Sea

1. Trafalgar
The Wooden World
The Strategic Background
Nelson versus Napoleon
Nelson versus Villeneuve
Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail
Battle off Cape Trafalgar
What Had Happened?
The Aftermath

2. Jutland
The Fall of the Wooden Walls
High Seas Fleet versus Royal Navy
The War at Sea before Jutland
The Ironclad World
The Battle of Jutland
The Experience of Action: Battlecruisers versus battlecruisers; battleships versus battleships; the smaller ships
The Aftermath

3. Midway
The Coming of the Aircraft Carrier
The Two Navies
The Pacific War before Midway
The Midway Campaign
The Battle of Midway: The battle over Midway island; the great carrier battle; the retreat from Midway
Counting the Cost

4. The Battle of the Atlantic: Convoys SC122 and HX229
The Emergence of the Submarine
Dönitz and the U-boat Service
The Battle of the Atlantic
The Underwater War: Convoy; U-boats; escorts; anti-submarine weapons; aircraft; radio intelligence; decryption
The Battle for Convoys HX229 and SC122: HX229 and SC122; the wolf-packs; the encounter; the massacre of HX229; the ordeal of SC122; the coming of the aircraft
The Balance of the Battle

Conclusion: An Empty Ocean

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